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Are you in the middle of applying to CEU? Or thinking about starting an application? We’ve got great news for you! 

The next couple of weeks will be packed with webinars, open sessions and roundtable discussions to offer you a taste of studying at CEU, exposure to experts in different fields of research and interesting events you can expect as a CEU students. Check below our ever growing list of various events where you can also meet our students and professors. 

Please note that all times refer to Central European Time.

Academic webinar series, October 2022

Cultural Heritage (October 3, 3:40 pm)

RAP & multi-genre productions in Vienna
Guest lecture of Dacid Go8blin/Dafina Sylejmani, aka Dacid Go8blin, artist, rapper, and founder of the Flinta collective Femme Dmc

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Economics and Business (October 5, 5:30 pm)
How to help poor households cope with the energy crisis?
Roundtable discussion / Adam Zawadowski, Head of Department; Alice Kügler, assistant professor; Maike Elsäßer, CEU student
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International Relations (October 7, 1:30 pm)
Order-making through productive ambiguity: Locating liberal and others idea and institutions in the use of force and peace operations / Stephanie Hofmann, European University Institute
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Cultural Heritage (October 10, 6 pm)

Mapping Senufo: Art from West Africa, gaps in data, and the contingency of knowledge / Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi, associate professor of art history

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Network and Data Science (October 10, 2:30 pm)

MS in Data Science, Meet the Department of Network and Data Science / Marton Karsai, associate professor

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Gender Studies (October 10, 11:40 am)

Talking with men: Ethnographic research among transnational labour migrants / Mahua Sarkar, historical sociologist

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Cultural Heritage (October 11, 7:30 pm)

Challenging the theater of memory: Yiddish song beyond kitsch and stereotype. A lecture-concert by Benjy Fox-Rosen conductor of the Vienna Stadttempel Choir and researcher of Yiddish and Jewish liturgical music, and Isabel Frey, Yiddish singer and PhD candidate

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Public Policy (October 12, 5:30 pm)

EU: Strong and Responsible, but How? / Wilhelm Molterer, former Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister of Austria and chairman of the Austrian People’s Party

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Sociology and Social Anthropology (October 12, 13:30 pm)

Infrastructure, im/mobility, and the environment (Open Class) This course delves into some of the recent social scientific approaches to infrastructure. Through grounded studies from across the globe, the event will discuss how infrastructural projects shape and are shaped by global inequalities, and how they intersect with mobility and the environment. Johanna Markkula, Assistant Professor

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Legal Studies (October 12, 11 am)
Reproductive justice under pressure: Human rights and constitutional law perspectives– Roundtable discussion / Inga Winkler, associate professor, chair of the Human Rights program; Markus Böckenförde, associate professor, chair of the Constitutional Law program; Juliana Cesario Alvim Gomes, visiting professor; Sruthisagar Yamunan, SJD/Dr.Iur
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Political Science (October 13, 3 pm)

Why should you apply for Political Science Master's at CEU? / Zsolt Enyedi, MA director; Andres Moles, Head of Department; Justyna Montenegro, department coordinator

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History (October 13, 8:50 am)
Discourses of order: An introduction to premodern political thought / Matthias Riedl, associate professor

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Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations (October 14, 3 pm)
Meet DSPS and the authors of antisemitic tropes, fifth-columnism, and “Soros-bashing”: The curious case of Central European UniversitySpeakers: Michael MerlingenErin Kristin JenneAndrás BozókiHong DoPéter Visnovitz
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Sociology and Social Anthropology (October 17, 5:30 pm)
Integrating the arts into social science research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on racialized communities / Raminder Kaur, University of Sussex
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Business Analytics (October 18, 5:30 pm)

Data engineering vs. data science - find out which fits you better

Miklos Koren

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Environmental Sciences and Policy (October 19, 8:50 am)

Targeting colonialism, socio-spatial stigmatization, and exploitation in the quest for environmental justiceTamara Steger, associate professor; Zoltan Illes, associate professor
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Political Science (October 19, 13:30 pm)

Familiarity with the political role of ethnic minorities reduces voter bias against candidates of immigrant origin / Julia Schulte-Cloos (European University Institute)

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POSTPONED: Legal Studies (October 19, 2 pm)
The transformation of international economic adjudication: comparative insights from investment arbitration and WTO dispute settlement / Tommaso Soave, assistant professor, co-director of the doctoral program; Markus Petsche, associate professor, chair of the Global Business Law and Regulation program
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Sociology and Social Anthropology (October 25, 15:40 pm)

Economic Transformations: Platforms, bots, teams - Balazs Vedres

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