Financial Aid FAQ

I was accepted with some sort of financial aid and I am on the waiting list for a better financial package. When can I expect to have a financial aid upgrade?

There are no more waiting lists. The decision about financial aid has been finalized by the academic departments. At this point, it is not possible to receive a better financial aid scholarship.

Where and when can I receive my first stipend?

You must complete the Onboarding and Online Matriculation Form so that you become officially enrolled at CEU. Once you have done that and submitted your bank account information in SITS, your stipend will be generated and transferred to your bank account. If you are a continuing student, you will receive your first stipend once your program officially starts in the actual academic year. Please note, September and June stipends are prorated based on the exact days when your program starts and ends.

When is the stipend paid?

According to the Financial Aid and Student Fee Payment Regulations, the monthly stipend is transferred to the student’s bank account by the 4th day of each month

Do I need to open an Austrian bank account to receive my stipends?

Your bank account needs to be from a SEPA country or an online bank account (TransferWise, Revolut, etc.) and, it has to be a EUR account.

Which is the best bank in Austria/Hungary? Does CEU recommend any banks?

CEU does not endorse or recommend the services of any banks either in Austria or in Hungary.

Am I going to receive my stipend even if I cannot make it to Vienna in person, but join online?

Yes, you will still have to complete the online matriculation form and submit your bank account information in SITS, and you need to attend online classes regularly.

If I withdraw from the program in the middle of the academic year, do I have to pay back the scholarship I have received so far?

No. In this case, you need to inform your department about your decision, and they will take the necessary steps.

How do I know what fees I need to pay and when throughout the academic year?

Please check your Acceptance Offer Form that you signed from the Admissions Office or your Student Portal in SITS since it has all the information about fees and deadlines in it.  However, the information is on the CEU website as well:

Is there work-study available at CEU?

Please contact the Career Services Office at:

I missed the finance orientation. Where can I find information regarding that?

You can find some useful finance-related information on the