External Scholarships

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Last updated: 2021.08.19.

Are you in a need of financial aid, but you don’t know where to start? 

We have great news for you! We are here to help you discover all possible options regarding external funding. We know how hard it can be when it comes to finding external financial aid that is tailored for you. There are plenty of opportunities! As we are constantly exploring new ideas, we want to give you a little guide to support you as well. Here, we gathered some of the most useful tips and tools that you can use during your search.

BEFORE YOU START YOUR SEARCH |Take your time and read some tips and information about how to start your scholarship search. We have gathered a few useful articles for you.

  1. START YOUR SEARCH IN TIME: First and foremost, it is very important to start in time. It can take months to be accepted for a scholarship and be aware of the deadlines as well. By the time you receive your acceptance letter, it is too late.

  2. BUILD A STRUCTURE: Create a base for your search. Know the answers for the following questions:
    “What and where am I looking for?”
    “What timeframe am I looking it for?”
    “Am I looking for ‘Merit-based’ or ‘Need-based’ aid?”
    “Am I looking for full or supplement scholarship?” – for your budget calculations (see below).

  3. MAKE A BUDGET CALCULATION: It is essential to make a comparison on your financial background versus your expected budget. Click here to find more info on the cost of living. 

  4. READ USEFUL TIPS: It is always a good idea to read some articles about the topic. Here we collected a few interesting ones.

  5. THINK LOCALLY: The best way to begin is start searching locally first. It is a good idea to check different governmental websites as they might have some useful information. Read more about the topic here.

  6. USE SEARCH ENGINES: See some of our suggestions by clicking here.

  7. EXPLORE SUPPLEMENT SCHOLARSHIPS: If you already know that you might need additional financial support make sure to research your options. Please refer to the above-mentioned search engines.

  8. CHECK ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Make sure to check the eligibility criteria and all the requirements before you apply. 

  9. PREPARE A BACKUP PLAN: We recommend that you have a backup plan in case your application for an external scholarship is not successful. Furthermore, be prepared to self-finance your studies in case the fund is not available by the time you need it. (If applicable you might want to check this link for information on the visa and residency requirements.)     


CONTACT | If you have any questions or need more information do not hesitate to reach out to:

Bernadett Bálint
External Scholarship Coordinator
BalintB@ceu.edu | www.ceu.edu