CEU Doctoral Scholarships

CEU offers a competitive financial aid package to students in doctoral programs. Applicants to a CEU doctoral program are automatically considered for a CEU Doctoral Scholarship.

The CEU Doctoral Scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and health insurance, and includes a monthly stipend of HUF 242,000 (approx. EUR 780) that covers housing and living costs.

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Doctoral students receive a monthly stipend to cover housing and living expenses. They can choose whether to rent private accommodation or book a room at the CEU Residence Center (subject to space availability).

Please note: Accepted doctoral candidates who apply by February 1, 2018 are automatically considered for the CEU Doctoral Scholarship and do not need to apply separately for funding. The CEU Doctoral Scholarship is awarded for a period of 36 months total.

Economics and Business Administration PhD students receive a monthly stipend of HUF 275,000 (approx. EUR 890).

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