CEU Doctoral Scholarships

CEU offers a competitive financial aid package to students in doctoral programs. Applicants to a CEU doctoral program are automatically considered for a CEU Doctoral Scholarship. Students admitted to CEU doctoral degree programs are eligible to receive the CEU Doctoral Scholarship for up to three years.

The CEU Doctoral Scholarship covers tuition and medical insurance. In addition, recipients are awarded a monthly stipend of 242,000 HUF calculated to cover educational and accommodation costs (Economics and  Business Administration PhD students receive a monthly stipend of 275,000 HUF). Students need to budget additionally for travel, recreation, and incidentals.

Read more about the estimated costs of living and accommodation in Budapest.

Doctoral students are not automatically provided with accommodation in the CEU Residence Center. They are eligible to request a room on a space-availability basis, for which they will be expected to cover the costs individually.

Additionally, in exceptional cases if a student wishes to keep his/her employment simultaneously with their studies, the student must request permission from their department. CEU may request full or partial tuition payment and will expect the student to cover their living costs.

All doctoral students are required to pay the Student Enrollment Fee.