Other Scholarships

Bhutan Heritage Scholarship

Funded by the Association for International Solidarity in Asia (ASIA) and CEU with the support of the Bhutan Nyo Foundation, this scholarship is awarded to an individual from Bhutan accepted to the MA program in Cultural Heritage Studies.

CEU-Erste Foundation Scholarship 

Supporting study for students from vulnerable backgrounds in CEU’s degree programs and preparatory programs. 

Czech Access Fund 

Aims to enable students from Czechia with significant financial need to pursue their educational goals at CEU.  

CEU-REF Scholarship*

For Roma students to study in one of CEU’s Masters programs.

Deborah Harding Scholarship*
Awarded to a Roma student to enroll in the School of Public Policy's one-year MA in Public Policy.

Dr. Elemer Hantos Scholarship 

Awarded to students from Central Europe or Latin America studying in select programs who would otherwise not have the resources to study at CEU. Graduate and undergraduate students in select MA and PhD programs in Economics and Business,  Network Science, Legal Studies, International Relations, Political Science, and Public Policy are eligible.

Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program*

A scholarship and mentoring program for students pursuing the MSc in Business Analytics or the MSc in Finance, who are passionate about programming and data analysis (may be awarded as full or partial).

George Soros Leadership Fund Scholarship
Awarded to students from exceptional circumstances who embody open society ideals.

Gerd Bucerius History Scholarship

Awarded to students who wish to pursue a one-year or two-year Master’s degree at CEU’s Department of History. All students applying for financial aid in the History MA Program will be eligible for this scholarship. 

Hungarian Access Fund
Aims to enable outstanding Hungarian students with demonstrated financial hardship to study at CEU. Preference is given to students coming from rural areas of Hungary.

Kaffeehaus Fellowships
Dedicated to the great thinkers of Vienna's past and the reasoned and open interchange of ideas of the Kaffeehaus, this fellowship is awarded each year to outstanding students from Austria (and in exceptional cases India) with demonstrated financial need and excellent academic credentials. Preference is given to students accepted to the departments of Economics and Business, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Network Science, and the undergraduate Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) programs.

Peter Hangartner Fellowship

Annually awarded to an outstanding second-year student in the economics department who earns the highest GPA during their first year of studies. Meet this year's recipient.

Peter A. Nadosy Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to a Hungarian student entering a CEU MA program who demonstrates exceptional merit and financial need.

Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship
Supporting Bachelor's and Master’s students from 30 eligible countries (primarily in CEE and fSU), this endowed fund was established by anonymous donors, believing that education is key to democracy and should be accessible to any student with the ability and commitment, regardless of financial resources. 

Presidential Scholar Awards 

Annually awarded to two incoming Bachelor’s students as well as two Master’s and two Doctoral candidates. Established by CEU President & Rector Michael Ignatieff and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar, this program brings undergraduates and graduates together to foster community and support academic excellence.  

Women in Technology Scholarship 

BlackRock and CEU award scholarships to women who show passion for data analysis, programming and technology, and great potential or leadership in their professional and personal endeavors. 

*See scholarship description for further information on eligibility and special application requirements. Scholarships not designated with an asterisk (*) are awarded by CEU's scholarship committee as part of the admissions and financial aid awarding process. Students will be informed of any scholarship awards prior to matriculation, generally as part of the acceptance offer. Please refer any questions to the Admissions or Financial Aid Office.