Other Scholarships

Butler Scholarship*
Awarded to Hungarian students pursuing an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies, who are committed to using their degrees to make a lasting impact as leaders in Hungary through cultural heritage management and policy.

CEU-REF Scholarship*
For Roma students to study in one of CEU’s Masters programs.

Deborah Harding Scholarship*
Awarded to a Roma student to enroll in the School of Public Policy's one-year MA in Public Policy.

Empiricus Scholarship*
Partial scholarship for high achieve students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program*
A scholarship and mentoring program for students pursuing the MSc in Business Analytics or the MSc in Finance, who are passionate about programming and data analysis (may be awarded as full or partial).

George Soros Leadership Fund Scholarship
Awarded to students from exceptional circumstances who embody open society ideals.

Peter Hangartner Scholarship
Annually awarded to an outstanding second-year student in the economics department who earns the highest GPA during their first year of studies. Meet this year's recipient.

Peter A. Nadosy Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to a Hungarian student entering a CEU MA program who demonstrates exceptional merit and financial need.

South Balkan Scholarship
Supporting students from Albania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, and Kosovo entering the School of Public Policy’s two-year MPA program.

Southeast Asia Scholarship
Applicants from Southeast Asia who wish to enroll in CEU School of Public Policy’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program are eligible for support. Scholarships are available for citizens of Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

*See scholarship description for further information on eligibility and special application requirements. Scholarships not designated with an asterisk (*) are awarded by CEU's scholarship committee as part of the admissions and financial aid awarding process. Students will be informed of any scholarship awards prior to matriculation, generally as part of the acceptance offer. Please refer any questions to the Admissions or Financial Aid Office.