Scholarship Recipients

Butler Scholarship

Eszter Bence-Molnar (Medieval Studies Department, MA in Cultural Heritage, ’19, Hungary)

Eszter graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture in 2016. During her internship, she worked for the Design Terminal in Budapest, and she was also involved in the “Palóc Future” project of the Human Ecology Program at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. She also taught courses on environmental culture, visual culture, and design. She has been a practicing architect since 2015, first in Amsterdam, then in Budapest.

At CEU, Eszter is exploring the use of natural construction materials – mainly straw, clay, and pise. She will develop a case study of the excavation area at Pomáz-Nagykovácsi puszta, a manorial complex of the Cistercian Abbey at Pilisszentkereszt. She aims to create a model to connect the various elements in the area: old and new architecture, historical landscape, and modern agriculture. The outcome will be a plan with buildings or landscape elements that provides the basis for a versatile study. She also intends to organize workshops to raise awareness of the area and its heritage and involve the broader public.

Csete Katona (Medieval Studies Department, MA in Late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, ’18, Hungary)

Csete is a PhD student and scholar who has studied at the Institution of Historical Studies, University of Debrecen and the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies program at the University of Iceland, with foundational study in archaeology at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. He is involved as a research fellow in the “Lendület” research project of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences entitled Hungary in Medieval Europe. Csete also has field experience through work at an archaeological excavation on the Fornleifastofnun Íslands in Iceland. He has numerous publications on the archaeology and history of the Vikings.

Csete’s plan for study at CEU seeks to explore the relationship between Scandinavians and steppe people (Turkic Nomads) during the Early Middle Ages by focusing on the depiction of Eastern Nomads in Old Norse sources. The two cultures have been in contact with each other since the Vikings established themselves along the Russian waterways in the ninth century. Surveying the cultural impact of both cultures on one another can contribute to a better understanding of the past of both Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and may also have implications for interaction between the two regions today.

Deborah Harding Scholarship

Dancho Borislavov Yakimov (School of Public Policy, Master of Arts in Public Policy, ‘18, Bulgaria)

Dancho graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from the South – West University "Neofit Rilski" in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria in 2016. After graduation he was accepted to the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) at Central European University. Consequently, he was accepted to study in the one – year MA program in Public Policy of the School of Public Policy for the 2017/ 2018 academic year. Dancho has professional interests in the field of welfare policies, social entrepreneurship, and community development. He is sure that the acquired knowledge from the MAPP program is the perfect incentive that will increase his capacity to make social impact and change in people's lives.

Empiricus Scholarship

Chun Hung Yang (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Finance, ’18, Taiwan)

Chun Hung is currently pursuing MSc in Finance at Central European University and doing the internship at McKinsey & Company. He holds a BSc in Money and Banking from National Chengchi University and participated in an exchange program at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After graduating in 2009, he developed his skills in investment field and multinational companies. He worked as an Investment Assistant at MW Capital in Taipei, Taiwan and as a Research Analyst at Dinan & Company LLC in Delhi, India. Most recently, he was a Strategy & Planning Manager at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Shenzhen, China. He was responsible for assessing and reviewing Real Estate projects in Asia, conducting city strategy for retail industry, and providing investments analysis tools to business partners, etc. After his studies at CEU, he plans to pursue his career in the finance field, especially in investment or real estate sectors.

Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program

Xian Chen (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Finance, ’18, China)

Xian holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology Engineering from China University of Petroleum and an MBA from Hitotsubashi University. He spent 5 years as Program Manager and Engineer with experience in E-Commerce industry, Consumer Electronic industry and Auto Manufacture industry in Japan. He is seeking to draw upon this experience as well as comprehensive knowledge in global business management for MSc in Finance, and pursue a career as hedge fund manager.

Melinda Demeter (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Business Analytics ’18, Romania)

Melinda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. She is passionate about data and she would like to develop a career between finance and technology fields. Melinda has experience in the field working as a financial reporting analyst for ExxonMobil, where she handled US and ITA GAAP reporting, analyzed and forecasted costs, assessed improvement areas within in-country and service center processes, designed common tools for process planning, execution and automation, etc. At CEU, she has been able to quickly build on both her undergraduate studies and work experience as an analyst and she worked on a joint academic research project on travel and firm performance.

Faye Beatriz Tumaliuan (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Business Analytics ’18, Philippines)

Faye holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Santo Tomas. She is a Teradata certified professional with more than four years of experience in data warehousing and data stage support. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Business Analytics at CEU and an MS in Industrial Engineering – Information Systems at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

George Soros Leadership Fund Scholarship

Muhip Ege Caglidil (Department of International Relations, Master of International Relations, ’18, Turkey)

Muhip has built his career in a variety of roles and sectors, mostly in non-governmental organizations, civil movements, working on human rights and social development. He is currently majoring in the International Relations Master Program at Central European University. His researches focus precisely on development and democratization of illiberal or unstable countries and international migration governance.

Muhip holds a B.A. (with high honor) in International Relations from Ozyegin University, Istanbul. He has great interest and experience in human rights. He is a volunteer at the Amnesty International where he gained substantial insight into issues in respect to human rights. In 2015 he became a Human Rights Educator of Anne Frank House in Netherlands and since then has been part of the Anne Frank House Human Rights Education program for Turkey. Since 2015, Muhip has worked for several different international organizations in Iraq and Turkey, including Save The Children International, World Food Program (WFP), and the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation. His main work concentrated on conducting field assessments, monitoring and evaluation of conflict-affected vulnerable communities in Iraq and Turkey.

Caroline Muchuma (Department of Legal Studies, Master of Laws in Human Rights, ’18, Kenya)

Caroline is a human rights lawyer with experience working with refugees and asylum seekers. She is currently pursuing a Master of Laws degree in Human Rights at Central European University. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Kampala International University (Uganda) and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, Kampala, Uganda. She served as a Legal Officer with the American Refugee Committee (ARC) based in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement since April 2015-August 2017 where she offered legal counseling services to survivors of gender-based violence. Prior to that, Caroline worked for 3 years (2012-2015) at the Refugee Law Project of Makerere University’s School of Law, where she provided legal counseling to forced migrants and was instrumental in advocating for improvement in legal and policy environment for forced migrants.

Azucena Carolina Serrano Rodriguez (School of Public Policy, Master of Arts in Public Policy,’18, Mexico)

Azucena is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Policy at CEU. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration with First Class Honors in 2015, and then a Bachelor of Economics, both from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). During her studies there, Azucena won several prizes in essay contests: first place in 2013 and 2014, third place in 2015 and 2016. As a teaching assistant at UNAM between 2013 and 2015, she ran several courses about democratic institutions, electoral systems, political and social science, social policies, etc. She also served as a Research Assistant at UNAM between 2012 and 2015.

Azucena has always has been interested in public affairs. One of the most important life changing moments was when she was elected the leader of her community when she was 18. She was assigned to represent others before the local government, to articulate their needs, and to design and coordinate projects in order to improve the social conditions within her district. Since then, she knows that her passion is to find solutions to the problems that are within her country. To succeed in this mission, studying at CEU is one of the most important steps for Azucena.

NASDAQ Scholarship

Hillary Bett (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Finance, ’18, Kenya)

Hillary graduated with a BSc in Actuarial Science at the University of Eldoret (Kenya) with plans to work in the finance and educational sectors in the fast evolving African financial environment. Before joining CEU he was Investment and Investment Advisor at Britam Insurance. Currently he is pursuing an MSc in Finance at CEU. After finishing his studies at CEU, he aspires to manage large development projects with a large financial services firm. Ultimately, he aspires to work in public service in order to make a tangible contribution to the community.

Nazmul Hasan (Department of Economics and Business, Master of Science in Finance, ’18, Bangladesh)

Nazmul holds a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. During his time there, he headed some social and debate organizations and represented his country in some other countries, Hong Kong, Thailand, for example. He also worked as a Research Assistant Intern at the a2i InnovationLab+ of the Prime Minister's Office, BD in association with UNDP and USAID. He managed to get analyst position at Morgan Stanley in 5 months after starting his MSc in Finance at CEU. Currently, he is continuing both of his fulltime work and study. He is also the current president of CEU Debate Society. Nazmul aspires to obtain a PhD and to play an important role in the financial sector as one of the pioneers of the Fintech industry in his home country of Bangladesh. He hopes to not only help develop the economy, but also to inspire younger generations to contribute to its development.

Peter Hangartner Scholarship

Zsigmond Pálvölgyi (Department of Economics and Business, MA in Economics, ’18, Hungary)

Zsigmond earned a BA in Finance and Accounting in 2013 and an MA in Economic Analysis in 2016 from Corvinus University of Budapest. During his studies, he was both a member of the Society of Young Autonomous Economists and the Saint Ignatius Jesuit College in Budapest. In addition to serving as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Finance and the Department of Macroeconomics at Corvinus, Zsigmond has worked as a Research Assistant at the Szazadveg Economic Research Institute and as an intern at the Hungarian National Bank. He has been the recipient of the Hungarian National Bank’s Excellence Scholarship and the Saint Ignatius Scholarship, which he received four times for his academic performance during his studies there.

While pursuing his MA in Economics at CEU, he also works as a research assistant with CEU Microdata, a research group of faculty, PhD students, and research associates within the CEU Economics Department. In addition to economics, he is interested in theology and social policy, and would like to find ways to bring these areas closer together so that the normative perspective can gain more space in economic analysis.

Peter A. Nadosy Scholarship

Kristof Kornyei (Department of Legal Studies, MA in Human Rights, ’18, Hungary)

Kristof is pursuing an MA in Human Rights in CEU’s Legal Studies Department. Previously, he studied Music and modern languages at the University of Glasgow. Recently he graduated from ELTE’s Faculty of Special Education, specializing in Intellectual and Physical Disabilities. In summer 2016 he became an intern at the Mental Disability Advocacy Center, a Budapest-based NGO, where he continued to work as a project assistant monitoring institutions for children with mental disabilities. This work has motivated him to pursue a career advancing human rights. He has also been volunteering at the Artman Association for the Arts and Movement Therapy since 2015. He presented a student lecture entitled 'Dance and Disability' at the 4th Hungarian Conference on Disability Studies.

South Balkan Scholarship

Bruno Hasa (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration,’19, Albania)

Bruno graduated with a Diploma in British and American Studies from the University of Foreign Languages in Tirana, Albania. While a student there, he also received certificates through various programs and exchanges, including in Digital Storytelling (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Mentorship in Youth Leadership (Albania); Youth Advocacy (Moldova); and Social Entrepreneurship (Macedonia).

As a high school student, Bruno won an Academic Exchange Year Competition with Youth Exchange and Study (YES), spending 10 months in Menasha, WI. His work experience includes work as an English Teacher’s Assistant for the Peace Corps in Albania and acting as a City Representative for YES, developing and implementing social projects in his home community of Tirana.

Svetlin Iliev (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration, ’19, Bulgaria)

Svetlin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managing Security Systems and a Master’s in Administration and Organizational Security from the Technical Faculty of the University of Shumen in Bulgaria, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Plovdiv University, also in Bulgaria. He also holds a Teach Through Leadership certificate from Teach for Bulgaria Academy. During his studies Svetlin has been awarded Rector’s Award and second place in “Student of the Year” contest in sphere of National security and defense. In addition to that, he took part in the President’s initiative “Youth vision for the development of Bulgaria”.

Svetlin’s work experience includes being a summer tour guide for the National Preservation Society of Newport County Rhode Island; interning for the Shumen District Administration; volunteering for the United Nations Association of Bulgaria – Youth Section; teaching English and IT skills for the Teach for Bulgaria Foundation; and as a trainee in the Administration of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, where he worked with high level security and defense officials and participated in three NATO military exercises.

Antigona Uka (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration,’18, Kosovo)

Antigona holds a Bachelor in International Marketing and Management from the International Business College Mitrovica (Kosovo), with a joint degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Odense, Denmark. She was also the recipient of the Kosovo Undergraduate Exchange Fellowship Program at West Liberty University (West Virginia) funded by the U.S. Department of State.

In addition to her studies at CEU, Antigona is a Researcher at the Riinvest Institute for Development Research in Pristina. During her work at Riinvest she has authored policy briefs on budget transparency and open government data, and other studies, such as the economic potentials in Northern Kosovo, an EU-funded project. Antigona is also the co-founder of the online education platform called ‘msOnline’ (eng. Learn online), which aims to increase access to alternative education in Albanian language in the STEM and medical fields. In summer 2017, Antigona held an internship at the German Research Institute for Public Administrative in Speyer (Germany), where she was able to work on a project on Added Value of the Council of Europe to Administrative Law, which focused on the Council of Europe’s member states. Currently, Antigona, with a student team from SPP, is working together with Open Society Foundation Economic Advancement Program on a project of private provision of public good, which is within the Applied Policy Project.

Kristina Zharkalliu (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration,’18, Albania)

Kristina holds a BA in International and European Studies from University of Athens. She was also an Erasmus Exchange Student at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Ghent, and interned for the Communications Office of Euractiv in Athens.

Kristina has experience as Research Assistant at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy; Assistant to the Head of Economic and Trade Affairs and Visa/Consular Assistant at the Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Pristina; and as a Course Assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration at the University of Athens. She has published extensively on topics relating to Albania and Kosovo. As part of her studies in EU educational policies, she worked with primary and secondary educators to help inform Greek students on European values, and helped to organize an international conference and a study on how to disseminate European democracy and values to Euro-skeptical Greek students.

Southeast Asia Scholarship

Linh Tong (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration, ’19, Vietnam)

Having background in International Relations, Linh has always been interested in regional cooperation, especially within ASEAN. She is inspired by ASEAN efforts to promote ASEAN cultural identity and cooperation in higher education as well as labor mobility. Through the process of commenting and writing on ASEAN affairs, she realizes that Vietnam needs many reforms in socio-economic fields to catch up with other countries in the region. Consequently, she develops her passion for policy analysis.

In the future, Linh would like to engage in research and teaching on public policies in Vietnam and in ASEAN. SPP provides an ideal platform for her to develop her research skills. She receives professional and patient supervision from SPP faculties on her fields of interest. Furthermore, since many policies are policy transfers, it is important that she also learns from her peers’ knowledge and experience to analyze public policies of Vietnam and ASEAN through comparative lens. Linh emphasizes that cultural diversity is among the most precious features of SPP, and CEU in general.

Bach Vu (School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration, ’18, Vietnam)

Prior to his study in CEU, Bach had 2 years of working experience in the TV production industry where he worked as a public relations officer, then an editor, and occasionally as an anchor. After that he worked as an intern in communications and capacity building at ActionAid Vietnam. The knowledge about discriminations against women and girls obtained in ActionAid advanced Bach to secure a position in UNDP Vietnam where he worked as a UNV Specialist in Gender and Communications.

Bach is taking every opportunity at School of Public Policy to deepen his study about human rights protection and human-centered policy making processes. Its vast selection of courses, including cross-department ones, as well as Skills for Impact modules has equipped him not only with theories and practices of public policies, but also critical thinking mindset and the ability to reflect on policy issues from diverse political, social and cultural perspectives. Applied Policy Project is another specialty of the School of Public Policy. Working with Cure Violence, a world-renowned NGO on a project to prevent gender-based violence is an incredible learning opportunity, and also a chance for Bach to develop a potentially impactful policy project.