Tuition and other Fees

The tuition fees for the academic year 2024/25 are listed in the table below and are payable in two installments. These do not include the Student Enrollment Fee, accommodation, and other living expenses

Joint programs charge different fees established in cooperation with partner universities. Consult the websites of these programs for detailed fee information at Mundus MAPP, MESPOM, and Gemma.

Please click here for Tuition and Fees for Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs/Coursework Per Academic Year
Per Installment
Master's degree programs (with the exception of those listed below as well as Mundus MAPP and MESPOM) 12,000 EUR 6,000 EUR
Master's degree programs in Legal Studies 13,000 EUR 6,500 EUR
Master of Public Administration 14,500 EUR 7,250 EUR
MS in Business Analytics 15,000 EUR 7,500 EUR
MS in Finance 15,000 EUR 7,500 EUR
Doctoral Programs Per Academic Year Per Installment
Doctoral programs (year 1) 15,000 EUR 7,500 EUR
Doctoral programs after comprehensive examination (years 2,3, and 4)  5,000 EUR 2,500 EUR
Doctoral program in Economics (first 18 months) 17,000 EUR 8,500 EUR
Doctoral program in Economics after comprehensive examination 8,500 EUR 4,250 EUR
Doctoral program in Legal Studies (SJD) 16,000 EUR 8,000 EUR
Doctoral program in Legal Studies after comprehensive exam 8,000 EUR 4,000 EUR
Doctoral program in Business Administration 20,000 EUR 10,000 EUR
Doctoral program in Business Administration after comprehensive exam 10,000 EUR 5,000 EUR
Executive PhD in Business Administration―6 years 10,000 EUR

Tuition Fees for Non-Degree Students

Academic year 2024/25

  • 360 EUR per credit or audit for all credited bachelor's and master's courses
  • 460 EUR  per credit or audit for all credited doctoral courses
  • 200 EUR per course for all 0-credit bachelor's, master's, and doctoral courses

Student Enrollment Fee

The Student Enrollment Fee covers institutional costs related to maintaining the student status in the university’s database systems, reporting required by Hungarian law, IT, and financial services. The Student Enrollment Fee entitles students to use computer labs, email, and Internet access, and contributes to university residential life programs, student activities, and the activities of the Student Union.

The Enrollment Fee is payable in one installment for the given Academic Year.

Type Student Enrollment Fee
Master's students 200 EUR per academic year
Doctoral students 250 EUR per academic year

Registration Fee

You are required to pay a one-time registration fee of 100 EUR when you confirm that you accept your place of study at CEU.  The registration fee can be paid online via the Applicant Portal.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Student Union Fee

As per the Austrian Student Union Law (HSG 2014 § 1 (1) lit. 4), every student in Austria is automatically a member of the student union and required to pay the Austrian National Student Union (OeH) membership fee of 45.40 EUR per academic year. New students pay the fee online as part of the Onboarding process. It is a prerequisite to be enrolled in the fall semester.