Frequently Asked Questions

Does CEU offer any undergraduate programs?

We offer only master's and doctoral programs.

I'm in the final year of my undergraduate program and will earn my bachelor's degree next summer. Can I apply for your next fall's intake?
You certainly can apply and be admitted; please note, however, that if you are accepted, you will be required to have graduated (i.e. earned your degree) by the time of enrollment at CEU.

Can I apply for a one-year master's program with a three-year bachelor's degree?
Yes, but only if there is no two-year program offered in the same field. If the departmental selection committee wants to offer you admission, it will request permission from the Provost.

Can I apply for a master's program at CEU with a different background?
Yes. Our two-year master's programs are designed for those with either a three-year bachelor's degree and/or those with an alternative background.

Can I apply for a two-year master's at CEU if I have a four-year bachelor's degree?
You certainly can if you have a background in another field. You may also do it if your undergraduate degree is in the same or a similar subject as your proposed CEU master's degree, but note that the department may choose to overrule your choice and offer you admission for the one-year program instead.

How are your programs organized? What is the duration of my program of study?

  • One-year master's degree programs at CEU typically run for 10 months, admitting students who have a four-year bachelor's degree. Most programs include an orientation session, two 12-week semesters, and a two-month spring session during which students prepare their thesis or research assignment.
  • Two-year master's degree programs at CEU, typically admitting students who have a three-year bachelor's degree, usually run for 20 months, interrupted by a summer break which does not require presence on campus. The semester structure is similar to that of one-year programs.
  • CEU doctoral programs, typically for students with a master's degree in a related field, normally take between three and six years to complete. First year: students must complete the taught course credits specified by their department. Upon the successful completion of a comprehensive examination and a dissertation proposal (or an extensive research paper), students are approved for full doctoral candidacy. Year two and beyond: the period of doctoral candidacy, in which the student pursues research toward the dissertation. For further information, see the CEU Doctoral Regulations.

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Do CEU programs offer a fall and spring intake?

No.  Except for a limited number of programs at the Department of Economics and Business, all CEU master's and doctoral programs start in the fall semester.

What funding opportunities are available?

CEU awards an extensive range of financial packages to support its students. Please review them here.

Are there admission quotas for certain countries or regions?

No. CEU admits students based on a combination of academic merit, professional experience, and demonstrated preparation for their intended degree programs.

Do I need to find a supervisor before I apply for one of your doctoral programs?
No. The department will do it for you if you are offered admission.

I have a bachelor's degree, can I start a PhD program at CEU straightaway?
No, unless you are applying for the PhD in Cognitive Science or the PhD in Mathematics and its Applications programs. In order to be eligible for admission into a CEU doctoral program, you will have to earn a master's degree first, whether at CEU or another university.

I would like to earn a PhD at CEU while completing one at my home university at the same time. Is this possible?

No. Students enrolled in doctoral programs at CEU may not be enrolled at other universities.

I've already earned a master's degree at CEU. Can I apply for another one?
You certainly can, but please note that if you received any sort of financial aid from CEU when you did your first master's degree at CEU, you will not be eligible for any sort of CEU financial aid for a second master's program.

Are your programs available on a part-time basis?
CEU offers full-time programs with only few exceptions: some programs of the Department of Economics and Business, as well as our doctoral programs, which are also offered on a modular basis to candidates from a select group of countries.

Can I study at CEU on a distance-learning basis?
Sorry, this is currently not possible.

I have started a master's/PhD program at another institution but I've decided to quit it and continue my studies at CEU. Is it possible to transfer to CEU?
No. To study at CEU, you'll have to start the program from the beginning; some of your credits earned at the other university, however, may be accepted at the discretion of the program in question.