In order to be able to enroll in a graduate degree program at CEU, students admitted must submit the following academic documents to the Admissions Office no later thanJuly 31, 2023: 

  1. an official electronic copy of their final Bachelor's(and, for doctoral programs, Master's)transcriptor Diploma Supplement in English. 

  2. an official electronic copy of the degree certificate or diploma in English unless the transcript contains a statement of the degree obtained with the date of award (such as in American-style transcripts). A diploma supplement, however, must be accompanied by the diploma. 

Submission of the above document(s) is a precondition of enrollment. 


1. The above documents must be sent by electronic mail to by the institution that has issued them. (Copies sent by the students are not accepted.) If a document is not issued in English, an official English translation must be made and sent in by a registered professional translator in addition to the document sent by the institution 

2. Those students who cannot have their academic records submitted electronically but have official hard copies of them can submit those hard copies. If they wish to retain the original copies, photocopies of the original copies will also be accepted if certified by a notary public or the institution itself. These documents (along with official English translations as applicable – see point 1) must be mailed (or submitted in person) to the Admissions Office at Room A609, Quellenstrasse 51, 1100 Vienna, Austria. 

3. Those students with a three-year undergraduate degree enrolling in a one-year master’s program at CEU who have completed a master’s program must submit, in addition to their bachelor’s records, their master’s transcript. 

4. In case the name stated on the academic records (diploma, transcript) is different from the name stated in the student's travel document/national ID, the name change must be documented officially (along with an official English translation where applicable). 

5. Successfully graduated CEU bachelor's or master’s students are not required to submit official academic records prior to starting their master's or PhD studies at CEU.  

6. Students having graduated from universities that may withhold the diploma or degree certificate from graduated students for non-academic reasons must submit an official copy (and translation if needed) of their diploma/degree certificate in addition to the transcript. 

7. Official paper transcripts issued to the student in a sealed envelope must be submitted to CEU that way.  

8. CEU reserves the right to request a copy of the diploma even when the degree award is stated in the transcript.

9. CEU does not return hard copies of academic records, nor does it provide copies thereof.