Due to the current COVID-19 shutdown in Austria, Hungary and the world, there may be delays with appointment booking at embassies and consulates. Please keep checking your local Austrian/Hungarian representation office for updates on working hours and changes to procedures. Embassies and Consulates may open momentarily for 2-3 days without updating their website, so please continue emailing and calling your local consulate or embassy regularly for updates and information.

For Austria: Students who have a 90-day visa-free entry into Austria may enter the country and apply for their residence permit in person ONLY if they are coming from within the Schengen Area. IMPORTANT: If you plan on traveling to Austria and applying in person, please make sure to have ALL required documents and supplemental documents for a complete application to avoid delays to your application.
Students who are citizens of countries with a visa requirement for entry will need to wait for their local embassies and consulates to open before being able to apply for a residence permit. Third-country nationals can enter Austria if they are currently within the Schengen area and are allowed to travel within the Schengen Area. Please be aware that entry into the country will only be allowed with a presentation of a medical certificate confirming a negative molecular-biological SARS-CoV-2 test no older than three days, followed by a 10-day self-quarantine, with proof of accommodation in Austria. Keep an eye on the opening times or changes to procedures on the website of your local Austrian representation office. Please continue trying to contact your local Austrian representation by calling and emailing your inquiries.

Read more athttps://www.bmeia.gv.at/en/travel-stay/entry-and-residence-in-austria/entrance-and-residence/

Visa and Residence Permit Information for Vienna Campus (Austria) - read more
Applicable to all Master's and PhD programs with the exception of the programs listed below.

Visa and Residence Permit Information for Budapest Campus (Hungary) - read more
Only applicable to the following programs:
MS in Business Analytics
Ms in Finance
Ms in Technology Management & Innovation
PhD in Cognitive Science
History in the Public Sphere

Visa and residence Information for the CEU Vienna Campus (Austria)

Visa and residence permit applications can only be processed by Austrian immigration authorities. You can find your nearest Austrian representation office by clicking here. The office for immigration in Vienna is the MA 35. CEU PU is not allowed to apply for a Visa or Residence permit on behalf of students, nor are we legally entitled to make inquiries with relevant authorities on the student's behalf. Please follow the steps on this page for application instructions and recommendations. Please check the government website in case of updates and changes unbeknown to us. 
Please also refer to our step by step visa and residence permit troubleshooter handbook.
Please note: citizens of non-EU/EEA countries are encouraged but not required to pay the tuition and enrollment fee prior to applying for a residence permit in Austria. Please check with the relevant Austrian Consulate before your interview, as this information is subject to change.

First time applicants 

Step 1: Find out what you need before entering Austria.   

  • Non-EU and Non-EEA nationals (third-country nationals): find out if you need a visa to enter Austria. Please check this OeAD list to see if you have the right to a 90-day visa-free stay. If you need a visa to enter Austria, please submit your student residence permit application in your home country as soon as you receive your confirmation of acceptance for visa purposes (see Step 2, item 12 below). 
  • 90 Day visa-free entry: we strongly recommend applying for your residence permit in your home country as soon as you receive your admissions offer before traveling to Austria, due to possible delays with the residence permit application process. If you exceed your visa-free stay before your residence permit has been approved, you will need to leave the country until you receive your student residence permit. 
  • EU or EEA citizens: you do not need a visa, nor a residence permit to reside in Austria, however, you must apply for a Confirmation of Registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) within four months of your arrival to Austria. You can find further information on the government website. 

Step 2: Prepare all required documents for the application, listed below. Please make sure that all documents that are not issued in German are filed together with a translation done by a certified court translator: 

  1. Completed application form for a student residence permit. (You can find the form
    called “Aufenthaltsbewilligung - Antrag" on the government website under "Form")

  2. Valid passport or equivalent legal travel document. Please make sure that your passport is signed and valid for at least another year at the time of your residence application. 

  3. Biometric passport photo. Make sure that the photo is not older than 6 months. Please check the required specifications of the photo on the government website

  4. Birth certificate, or another equivalent document. You will need an Apostille or diplomatic certification.
    If applicable, please also bring the following documents: 
    - Marriage certificate.
    - Civil partnership certificate.
    - Divorce certificate.
    - Certificate of dissolution of a civil partnership.
    - Adoption certificate.
    - Documents proving family relationships.

  5. Legal proof of adequate accommodation (Proof of ownership, lease, rental agreement). Read more about housing options in Vienna here.
    (If you have been awarded accommodation as part of your CEU financial aid, you will be provided a housing confirmation by the housing provider and need not deal with housing arrangements for visa purposes.)

  6. Document that shows your monthly rent or running costs of the accommodation. This information is usually included in your rental contract or agreement. 
    Those students who have been awarded accommodation as part of their CEU financial aid will be provided a housing confirmation by CEU and need not deal with housing arrangements for visa purposes.

  7. Travel health insurance that is valid in Austria and covers all risks. An original letter from your insurance company confirming coverage in Austria is recommended. Please see the Visa and Residence Permit Troubleshooter for information. Once in Vienna, CEU will provide health insurance for all students enrolled in full-time degree programs. 

  8. Proof of enough means of subsistence in Austria (e. g. scholarship, bank statement of the last six months, proof of regular payments made to the bank account). Persons under 24 years of age must prove a monthly income of at least EUR 533.85. Persons over 24 years of age must prove a monthly income of at least EUR 966.65. Please make sure that the bank account is in your name.  (If you have been awarded a monthly stipend as part of your CEU financial aid, you can deduct its amount from the required minimum monthly income.)

  9. Adequate proof of the source of funds. Examples: certificate of employment with salary information, pay slips, financial aid or scholarship confirmation. Students who are financially supported by their parent or a legal guardian will need to include the bank statement of the last six months the account of their parent or legal guardian, certificate of employment with salary information, pay slips of their parent or legal guardian. In addition to the bank statements, please upload a written declaration that explains where the finances are coming from (e. g. if you have saved money while working please state so, if you receive money from your parents or legal guardians, your legal guardians or parents will need to provide a written declaration stating that the finances are coming from them and that they are solely at your disposal).

  10. Statement of Financial Liability/declaration of guarantee (Haftungserklärung) if stay in Austria is sponsored by someone residing in Austria. Please see further information on the government website if this applies to you. 

  11. Certificate of good conduct/Criminal Record with apostille, which is usually available at your local police station and should not be older than three months at the time of application. 

  12. Your "confirmation of acceptance for visa purposes" issued by CEU. You will receive this document from the CEU Admissions Office prior to your visa appointment, in the course of June/July.

For students who require a study visa and therefore submit their residence permit application at the relevant Austrian Embassy we strongly recommend to make the CEU fee payments (enrollment and, if applicable, tuition fee) for the first academic year prior to the visa interview. Once the payment is made, students may request a payment confirmation from the CEU Budget and Finance Office and can submit this as an additional supporting document with their visa application.

Step 3: Make an appointment 

Please make an appointment at your local Austrian embassy, or at the MA 35 office in Vienna. The appointment should be scheduled no earlier than mid-June and no later than July. Please apply in person. If you are applying at the MA 35, please check their office hours on the website

Extension of Residence Permit (Renewals) 

If you already possess an Austrian student residence permit and you need to renew it, please follow the instructions below and always check the government website for updates or changes unbeknown to us. 

Prepare the following documents for your Residence Permit Renewal: 

  1. Proof of academic success ("Studienerfolgsnachweis") from the previous academic year. Please note that the minimum requirement per year is 16 ECTS points. Example: Certificate of enrollment and transcripts showing grades and credit hours.  

  2. Extract from the files of an officially recognized credit reference agency. Example: Kreditschutzverband – KSV 1870 Information GmBH  

Only if applicable: 

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Certificate of dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Declaration of Liability (Haftungserklärung) 

Additional documents may be required by the authorities during the processing of the residence permit application or renewal. 

Please note that all documents must be certified by diplomatic certification or Apostille.  

Documents issued in a language other than German must be translated and filed together with the translation done by a certified court translator.  

Please find all required forms on the government website. Scroll down to “Form”. 

Family members who may be able obtain a residence permit along with the student are spouses and underaged children of the student.  

The basic residence permit fee is EUR 120.

Visa and Residence Information for the CEU Budapest Campus (Hungary)

Citizens of EU/EEA member states may travel to Hungary without a long-term study visa. However they need to obtain a registration card for the duration of the studies in Hungary. For more information please visit the relevant section of the CEU Online Orientation.

Accepted candidates with a citizenship in a country outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) will receive a "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter from the CEU Admissions Office after they sign the acceptance offer and pay the deposit* (see also: Information For Accepted Students). 

*Please note:
As required by the Hungarian immigration law, accepted candidates who are citizens of non-EU/EEA countries must pay the enrollment fee (and, if applicable, tuition fee) right after they accept an an offer, at least 2 weeks prior to their visa interview.
Upon receipt of the above-mentioned payments, these candidates will receive a visa letter ("Confirmation of Acceptance for Visa Purposes") along with the payment confirmation for the purpose of the visa application.

All non-EU/EEA citizens need to apply for a long-term D type visa for study purposes. Please note that this type of visa is a special national single entry visa that enables its holder to apply for a residence permit for study purposes after enrolling in a university in Hungary. This visa, contrary to the Schengen (tourist) visa, can only be obtained from the Hungarian consulates listed here.

Please do not travel to Hungary on a Schengen visa or a Schengen residence permit issued by another Schengen country, in the expectation that you can change your visa status while in Hungary. If you do this, you will have to return to your home country to apply for a long-term visa, a process which can take between six to ten weeks.

If you require a visa, please book a visa appointment as soon as the relevant Hungarian consulate reopens. Failing this, we will not be able to help you arrive at CEU by September 7, 2020 and then obtain a Hungarian residence permit in time.

While waiting for the confirmation of acceptance from CEU to arrive, make sure to compile all necessary documents listed on the relevant consular website.

IMPORTANT: CEU sends the confirmation of acceptance to the mailing (correspondence) address indicated in the application form. If you wish to use a different address, please update the mailing (correspondence) address on the Applicant Portal accordingly.

Please note that the visa information we provide is a summary of current regulations which are subject to change, and may vary depending on the consulate in question. Make sure to check the relevant consular website for specific information regarding your D-type study visa application.To apply,  you will need to prepare the following items (check with the relevant consulate for specific additional requirements):
Documents to be enclosed to the long-term visa application form: Available at:
Visa application form & Annex (both are mandatory)

Residence Application Form & Appendix 14 

Confirmation of Acceptance from CEU, including payment confirmation for the enrollment fee and, where applicable, tuition fee Admissions Office
Your latest bank statement (in English) indicating an account balance, sufficient to cover living expenses* your bank

Proof of (temporary) accommodation:
documentary evidence to verify the reservation of accommodation and payment

booking confirmation of hostel/hotel/CEU Residence Center
Passport (valid for at least 18 months from the planned time of entry into Hungary)  
Four passport size photos  
Visa fee: 60 EUR  
Travel insurance (A travel insurance is required to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accidents and other losses incurred while traveling; it can usually be arranged at the time of the booking of a trip and should be valid for the duration of your trip to Budapest until the beginning of the study program)

*Doctoral students who are awarded the CEU doctoral scholarship usually do not need to provide a bank statement.

Proof of sufficient funds:
Students need to budget an average of 700 EURO (approx. 210,000HUF)* per month which is the amount required by the relevant Hungarian immigration authorities to cover accommodation costs, costs of utilities, meals, city transportation, instructional materials, as well as other personal expenses and incidentals.

For a detailed breakdown of estimated living expenses please consult the dedicated section on Cost of Living.

If you would like to find out more about visa requirements for family members of accepted students, check the relevant section of the Online Orientation.