Ahmad Mah’d Omar Al-Kurdi (GENS, USA)

Tell us about yourself

I did my undergraduate studies in International Studies, Social Anthropology and Women’s and Sexuality Studies in both the United States and Hungary, and have done extensive volunteer and extracurricular activities in both countries. I was mostly active in LGBTQ activism and community organizing and did multiple internships in that field as well as research internships at thinktanks and universities including CEU. I’m a fun and friendly person and always look for opportunities to develop my communication skills further and absolutely love working in teams!

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program?

I consider this internship opportunity as a way for me to be more involved in facilitating access to different people from my region(s) to the amazing international community that CEU is. I always saw student recruitment as an interesting area of work for me to develop skills I already pertain further and to meet prospective students that might have their lives change by getting the opportunity to attend the university.

Why would you recommend CEU to a prospective student?

Not only that it’s a great opportunity to develop your potential or already existing career, or take it to a different direction in that sense, but also, it’s an amazing place to network and meet people from all over the world. Creating life-long friendships and discovering new endeavors through that is just a little bit of what CEU promises for your graduate experience.

What makes CEU special for you?

My program, the structure of the education, continued guidance, access to opportunities and amazing scholars/people in my field, focus on research innovation, and most importantly, the people coming from vastly different backgrounds. I love going to a campus with a real sense of community support and kinship. It really matters, especially when graduate-level course work gets too overwhelming.