CEU Legal Studies Student Interviewed by a Hungarian Legal Journal

February 3, 2011

The recent edition of Ugyvedvilag (volume V., no.1.), a Hungarian legal journal, features an interview with Peter Garancsi, from the Department of Legal Studies. Garancsi, who is studying in the International Business Stream LLM at CEU, highlights the advantages of the International Business Law Program in the interview, as follows:

“[…] In my opinion, the fundamental role that private and commercial law play is most pertinent within real-life business situations. The more we understand the connections between private and commercial law and the business sector, the better we serve our clients. I have opted for studies in international business law [in the CEU Legal Studies Department] precisely because of these considerations. However, I have been especially pleased to discover the extent to which the knowledge I have acquired [at CEU] as part of my education, focused primarily on Anglo-Saxon law, can be applied directly to my daily practice [in Hungary]. Foreign clients often seek such sophisticated legal solutions to business concerns [and course work at CEU trains students to deal with the kinds of complex legal situations with which these clients are involved]. Although legal work in Hungary may, in effect, already reflect a reliance on a combination of private and commercial law within business settings, no formal name has been given to this practice or these combined disciplines. In all instances, foreign clients are always delighted to see that I [have had extensive training in the practices familiar to them and] am able to thoroughly understand their expectations.  They also have confidence in the security that I can offer them with respect to their investments and problem-free business operations in Hungary. […]”     


The International Business Law Program at CEU focuses on the new global reality of international business transactions, new actors, priorities, challenges, and methods of dispute settlement, in order to enable graduate students to cope with contemporary legal challenges posed by international business transactions, and to become highly qualified players. The program focuses mainly on international business transactions themselves, the environment, the actors (companies and others), and on international dispute settlement (including mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution). It offers 39 courses and covers critically important fields, such as international business transactions, corporations, drafting and negotiating contracts, capital markets, international dispute settlement, international tax, or intellectual property. The program also devotes attention to some regional developments (Doing Business in Asia), and responds to most recent developments and challenges by introducing new courses (Human Rights in Corporations or Organizing World Trade).