CEU Names Wolfgang H. Reinicke Dean of its new School of Public Policy and International Affairs

June 9, 2011

Central European University (CEU) has named Wolfgang H. Reinicke Dean of the new CEU School of Public Policy and International Affairs in Budapest, effective September 1, 2011. Reinicke is currently co-founder and Director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, Nonresident Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., and Managing Director of Galaxar S.A. in Geneva.

Announcing the appointment, John Shattuck, President and Rector of CEU, praised Wolfgang Reinicke as "an international scholar, outstanding policy entrepreneur and a talented and energetic leader who will help build the new CEU School of Public Policy and International Affairs by attracting and working with top faculty, recruiting outstanding students, developing innovative programs, and forging strategic partnerships with other public policy centers."

Describing the new CEU School as "a major initiative to be launched in the fall of 2011," Shattuck emphasized that "the School will have a focus on promoting innovation in public policy in a time of pressing global challenges as well as new opportunities. Reflecting the distinctive mission of CEU, the School will highlight the particular role of civil society as a driver for change.”

As inaugural Dean, Reinicke will play a central role developing the School into a first-class institution with a distinctive global agenda in teaching, research, and policy practice within a university committed to the values of open society, democracy, and critical thinking. In doing so, he will build on a distinguished career as an international scholar, a policy leader in the public sector, an academic entrepreneur, and a managing director in the private sector.

A scholar with roots and interests in both Europe and the United States, Reinicke received his PhD in political science from Yale, MA in international economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and BSc in economics from the University of London. Over the past 25 years he has served as Senior Scholar at the Brookings Institution, Senior Economist at the World Bank, and Director of the Global Public Policy Project established by the UN Foundation to support the work of the UN Secretary-General. Most recently, he has been co-founder and Director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin; Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; and Managing Director of Galaxar S.A., an investment management company based in Geneva. He has taught at Yale University, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and the Hertie School of Governance.

Reinicke has published eight books and monographs and more than 50 journal articles on cutting-edge public policy topics including civil society influence on public policy, transatlantic political and economic development, comparative German and American policy studies, global finance and banking, European system transformation, UN reform, and global governance. His book, Global Public Policy: Governing without Government?, is widely regarded as a defining contribution to the debate on global governance.

In accepting his appointment as Dean, Wolfgang Reinicke stated that “I am deeply honored by the trust demonstrated by the CEU leadership. Building the new School by drawing on the unique strengths of CEU is a huge opportunity. I look forward to working with faculty, staff, students and partners to develop the School into a hub for innovation in public policy in our global age.”

The mission of the CEU School of Public Policy and International Affairs is to promote advanced knowledge of public policy through research, teaching, and practice. The core focus is on the just, legitimate, and efficient delivery of public goods by public, private, or civil society actors at the local, national, regional, transnational, international or global levels. Promoting civic engagement is an essential part of the School’s mission, and will be pursued in the various degree programs and through executive education and outreach programs.

Foundational work for the new School has been under way for more than a year with the involvement of an interdisciplinary group of CEU faculty and external experts. The School builds on new and existing CEU resources, including the Center for Policy Studies, the Department of Public Policy, the Department of International Relations and European Studies, and the Department of Political Science. The University’s multi-disciplinary faculty and interdisciplinary approach to international policy studies will be at the heart of the School of Public Policy and International Affairs. The School will bring together scholars in policy-related work from comparative politics, international relations, economics, law, environmental science, philosophy, and other disciplines. The University’s relationship with the Open Society Foundation adds a strong civil society dimension and a focus on applied public policy. This puts the School in a unique position to provide students with the tools for acting as political and social innovators in their future careers, and for understanding and shaping global debates over open society.

Watch a brief video about the School of Public Policy and International Affairs, featuring the Inaugural Dean, Wolfgang Reinicke, and John Shattuck, President and Rector, CEU: