Central European University Names Krisztina Kos Director of CEU Press

July 18, 2011

Budapest, July 18, 2011—Central European University (CEU) named Krisztina Kos director of CEU Press, effective July 1. Promoted from her position as editor, Kos brings expertise gained over 10 years in publishing, deep knowledge of CEU, and a vision for developing the Press.

Kos says that one of her first tasks is to create a strategy for further elevating the quality of the Press’s publications and for strengthening its international reputation. Priorities include transitioning from a regional to a more global orientation and undertaking innovations made possible by new technology. For example, while CEU Press titles are already available through many e-libraries, Kos says it is time to create a new model for making books accessible to scholars in different formats.  

Notes for Editors:

CEU Press is the region’s leading academic English-language publisher; having published about 250 titles since its founding in 1993, and is increasing output by 10 to 15 percent a year—reaching 20 volumes in 2011.

The Press is known for publishing original archival materials, particularly relating to Central and Eastern Europe. In 1998, it initiated a series of publications in partnership with CEU’s Open Society Archive and the U.S. National Security Archives in Washington, D.C. The collaboration resulted in an acclaimed documentary history of the Cold War. The most recent volume in the series, Masterpieces of History (http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Masterpieces_of_History.htm), presents 122 top-level Soviet, European, and U.S. records that illuminate the superpowers’ respective roles in the transformational events of 1989.

One major early undertaking was the CEU Press Classics series (http://www.ceupress.com/subjects/CEUPressClassics.html), which has been a CEU Press bestseller for more 10 years.

CEU Press-published authors include internationally renowned intellectuals Vladimir Tismaneanu, Ronald Dworkin, Janos Kornai, and Monroe E. Price, as well as a widening circle of scholars from North America, Australia, Western Europe, and countries in former Soviet-bloc territory.

The CEU Press was established in 1993, two years after CEU’s founding in 1991. Reflecting the intellectual strengths and values of its parent institution, the Press publishes books on the political philosophy and practices of open society, history, legal studies, nationalism, media studies, human rights, conflict resolution, gender studies, Jewish studies, economics, medieval studies, literature, international relations, higher education, and public policy.

Originally concentrating on Central and Eastern European issues, the CEU Press began broadening its focus several years ago. Its catalog now includes titles on Russia, ex-Soviet countries, Central Asia, China, Arabic and Islamic studies, and a variety of topics demonstrating a global outlook.

The Press welcomes authors seeking to place high-quality manuscripts, but also initiates individual books and series. It operates by standards common to university presses, including peer review and editorial committee approval. Its books are published in Budapest and sold internationally.

Four previous directors have led THE CEU Press: Frances Pinter (1993–1996), Walda Metcalf (1996–1997), Klara Takacsi-Nagy (1997–2001), and Istvan Bart (2001–2011).


For further information, please contact Ildiko Rull, Hungarian Media Relations Manager, at 327-3800 or 06-30-2588-626, or at rulli@ceu.hu