CEU represented at Future of Higher Education—Bologna process researchers' conference

October 10, 2011

The largest ever academic conference on the Bologna process was organized in Bucharest on 17-19 October 2011. The main goal of the conference was to review critically results to date of the research on the Bologna process in eight major thematic areas and make a set of policy recommendations for the upcoming meeting of the ministers of education from the 47 countries of the European Higher Education Area. In April 2012 ministers are expected to adopt a programmatic document about a re-launch of the Bologna process. CEU was a significant presence at the conference. The following members of the CEU Higher Education Research Group presented papers and acted as panel discussants: Koen Geven (second year MA student), Renata Kralikova (PhD student), Kata Orosz (CEU alumna, currently at Teachers College, Columbia University), Julia Iwinska and Pusa Nastase (CEU staff members). Liviu Matei, CEU's COO, coordinated the thematic area on funding of higher education in the European Higher Education Area.