Kristina Irion Helps Develop Tool to Assess Regulator Independence

Kristina Irion and research partners within CEU’s Center for Media and Communications Studies have completed a European Commission project that produced a model for gauging the independence of media regulators. She says that most research in this area examines the law and how much independence it gives a regulator, but that the tool her group developed can assess all the factors that can make a regulator truly independent, versus one that remains "in the hands of the powerful." Irion is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Policy and research director for public policy at CEU’s Center for Media and Communications Studies.

The final report was submitted in the spring, based on surveys of country experts and interviews with regulators, governments, and other stakeholders. The European Commission released all the findings this fall. Irion’s team was responsible for research on implementing the ranking tool—a practical component that made the study more than a series of conclusions. "Irion and her project partners hope the released ranking tool will enable policy makers and civil society to measure and monitor a key factor of a working democracy in their countries." For more information about this research, the partners, and the ranking tool, see


Photo: CEU/Daniel Vegel