Student-Led Project Raises 80,000 HUF in 'Tea for Everyone' Campaign

May 31, 2012

On March 29-30, current and former CEU Alumni Scholarship recipients organized one of the most successful student-led philanthropic initiatives in the University's history. The "Cup of Tea for Everyone" campaign—created by organizers of the recent CEU Blanket Drive for the Homeless—set out to raise money to buy tea for homeless shelters in Budapest. Former alumni scholarship recipient Jagoda Gregulska (PhD, SOCI) led the campaign, which was co-sponsored by the Alumni Relations and Career Services Office and the Center for Arts and Culture. Volunteers offered free tea and cookies in the Octagon and encouraged faculty, staff, and students to donate to the cause. In six hours, "A Cup of Tea for Everyone" raised more than 80,000 HUF, which was used to buy 6.25 kg. of tea, 170 kg. of sugar, and 180 liters of lemon juice for Golgota Homeless Shelter. For photos and more information, visit