CEU Opens Academic Year 2012-2013

September 18, 2012

CEU President and Rector John Shattuck welcomed the incoming class of 629 students at the University’s opening ceremony for the academic year, held on Sept.14 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Chosen from nearly 7,000 applicants – the largest pool of applicants in CEU history – the new class members come from 82 nations.

“Our mission is the pursuit of truth. But truth has many parts, many of them conflicting,” Shattuck said. “The search for truth requires us to work across disciplines and combine theory and analysis with practice and engagement. We do this at CEU by bringing together the many parts of the University: the humanities, which help us understand the concepts, values and traditions of society; the social sciences, which help us grasp the interaction of political, economic and cultural structures; law, which frames rules for open society and the protection of individuals and groups; public policy, which connects people with the process of governance; and business, which organizes the economic enterprises that are essential to open society.”

CEU Founder and Honorary Chairman George Soros also addressed the audience and announced that he will lecture this fall at CEU and participate in a number of workshops. Soros is particularly interested in delving deeper into economic and public policy issues. “I want to use this occasion to develop my philosophy, which has been guiding me in my career,” he said. “I also want to spend my time with the School of Public Policy, which is now really coming to life and which will be more closely connected with my foundation network than the University itself.”

Photo credit: CEU/Daniel Vegel