Levente Littvay

January 15, 2013

Name: Levente Littvay
CEU title/role: Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Number of years at CEU: 6
Home city/town & country: Budapest, Hungary

What’s the most fascinating place you’ve ever been?

What movie would you most recommend?
Moulin Rouge

What food did you hate as a child but grew up to love?

Which is your favorite building, park, museum, or public spot in Budapest?
Hattyu Haz

What is your favorite or most visited website or blog?

Who is your all time favorite musician or musical group?
Chris Thile's Punch Brothers

What do you always have in your refrigerator?
Dried/cured ham

How do you like to get around town?

If you could see any animal in the wild, what would it be?

Would you rather explore the deep sea or outer space?
Definitely space (but preferably neither)