Senate Elections 2012/2013 to Be Held Between Jan. 16-22

January 15, 2013

The next CEU Senate election begins tomorrow, Jan. 16. Charged with making recommendations concerning all matters of general university interest, the Senate consists of the president and rector; the provost/academic pro-rector; and representatives of the faculty, staff, and students. Voting eligibility criteria are detailed in the attached document. The list of academic and administrative staff members who are eligible to vote was sent to unit coordinators on Dec. 13, 2012. Employees can check their eligibility with their direct unit coordinators on an individual basis or, in case of doubt, with the Nominating and Vote-counting Committee.

Voting begins at 10 a.m. on Jan. 16 and ends at 2 p.m. on Jan. 22. To vote, employees must present their CEU photo ID at the nearest polling station:

CEU main campus
The Cash Desk in the Budget and Finance Office (Nador utca 15, 1st Floor) for all academic and administrative staff except for those associated with the Business School

CEU Business School
The Student Services Office (Frankel Leo utca, G005) for academic and administrative staff associated with the Business School
Elections will be considered valid only if 40% plus 1 person of eligible voters cast their votes. The results will be announced on Jan. 23. If the election will be considered invalid,it will be readministered within two weeks under the same principles and conditions.
Candidates for the CEU Senate are:

Senior academic staff: 12 candidates for five slots
Al-Bagdadi, Nadia—Professor and Head, Department of History
Bodnar, Judit—Professor and Head, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Fabiani, Jean-Louis—Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Greskovits, Bela—Professor, departments of International Relations and European Studies and Political Science
Helms, Elissa—Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies
Horvath, Julius—Professor, Department of Economics
Kis, Janos—University Professor, departments of Philosophy and Political Science
Kovacs, Maria—Professor and Chair, Nationalism Studies Program
Peto, Andrea—Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies
Rabinowitz, Dan—Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Uitz, Renata—Professor and Head, Department of Legal Studies
Ziemann, Daniel—Associate Professor, Department of Medieval Studies

Junior academic staff: two candidates for two slots
Harbord, John—Director, Center for Academic Writing
Loutfi, Anna—Assistant Professor, Department of Gender Studies

Business School: one candidate for one slot
Fogelman, Jay—Senior Lecturer, Technology Management

Administrative staff: three candidates for one slot
Jakobs, Lilla—Senior Program Manager, Center for Policy Studies
Margaritidis, Chrysovalantis—Associate Vice President, Student Services
Nastase, Pusa—Senior Program Manager, School of Public Policy

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