The Numerus Clausus in Hungary. Studies on the First Anti-Jewish Law and Academic Anti-Semitism in Modern Central Europe

Victor Karady, professor in the Department of History, edited this volume with Peter Tibor Nagy, professor at the John Wesley Theological College. It is one in a series of research reports on Central European history published by CEU’s Pasts Inc., Center for Historical Research and the Department of History. The chapters were written by Janos Bak, Csaba Fazekas, Katalin Fenyves, Tibor Frank, Andor Ladanyi, Victor Karady, Robert Kerepeszki, Maria M. Kovacs, Michael Miller, Peter Tibor Nagy, Lucian Nastasa, and Vera Pecsi, several of whom are affiliated with Pasts, Inc. A launch event for the book is scheduled for March 7. The book is freely available online at For more information about the event, see