Kate Mottola, CEU ‘09, Department of Gender Studies

April 8, 2013

“If you hear gunshots and yelling, duck into the nearest restaurant and find shelter,” Kate Mottola was told nonchalantly by a friendly Irishman on a bus in Cambodia. Her book about her travels, “Queer Travels: The Cambodian Diaries,” begins with this anecdote. The book, published last month by Prospective Guides, is not your average travel guide. It’s Mottola’s honest and entertaining story of her personal encounters in this fascinating country.

Based in New York, Mottola launched her career as a freelance writer and editor after making the difficult decision to leave a PhD program at the University of Washington.

“I chose to take a step back, focus on what I was feeling and where I wanted to go,” Mottola says. “Along this path, I was still able to pursue my passions by writing articles on my own.”

Mottola felt she had something different to offer in the field of travel writing. “I realized that my experiences focus more on the unexpected twists and turns of traveling that come out in comical and honest ways,” she says. “So in “Queer Travels,” I show a different side of what it means to explore the world. That's what I'm hoping people will get out of it.”

Mottola’s next book will be about Vietnam. Her current book is accessible via links: