Winner Selected for Second Annual European Award for Excellence in Teaching

April 26, 2013

Philosophy Professor Matthew Braham of University of Bayreuth is the winner of the second annual European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The award, initiated by CEU Chief Operating Officer Liviu Matei and overseen by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning aims to promote excellence in teaching across the European Higher Education Area.

Braham, who holds the political philosophy chair in the Department of Philosophy at University of Bayreuth, teaches in and coordinates the university’s Philosophy & Economics Program. Previously, he taught at the University of Groningen and the University of Hamburg. While undergoing the appointment process for chair, students created a petition in support of his nomination – the first time a candidate was ever “endorsed” by students in this way.

Braham teaches a wide range of courses in ethics and political philosophy including “The Analysis of Freedom” and “The Good Life.” He will receive the award at CEU's academic year opening ceremony in September. His nominator, a fellow philosophy professor, said that “He teaches to empower his students intellectually. His courses are designed to convey skills and knowledge that not only make a difference to his students' future careers, but that also enable them to tackle the big questions of our generations.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching, CEU is planning a program of annual teaching excellence and innovation grants for CEU faculty in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning and in keeping with the University's strategic plan.