Students Take Stake in Future of CEU Library

Adrienn Kacsor, an M.A. student in the Department of History, and fellow students Adela Hincu and Alexandra Preda, want CEU’s new library to be the best it can be, so they decided to gather input from primary users of the library, the students. In a project for the seminar “Archives of the Living and Dead Things,” taught by Professor Istvan Rev, director of the Open Society Archives, and Ioana Macrea-Toma of OSA, Kacsor and her classmates built an open forum ( for engaging in debate about the future of the library. Kacsor interviewed library staff, students, professors, and researchers, then posted edited videos of the interviews on the website. The site opens discussion in three areas: the overall concept, spatial distribution and interdisciplinarity, and study spaces and interior design. “There will be five floors in the library. We should have a discussion about how these floors can reflect the interdisciplinarity of CEU within the new building,” Kacsor said.

Kacsor and her two colleagues moderate the discussion together and the site serves as Kacsor’s project for the course. Another part of the website presents all the student projects connected with the “Archives of the Living and the Dead Things” course. The “Bibliotheca” exhibition at OSA from May 8-26 is based on these projects. For the website, see or find more information on Facebook at