CEU Refreshes Its Visual Identity

June 4, 2013

CEU has introduced a new visual identity to better convey its youth, vitality, and multiculturalism. Core elements include a refreshed CEU logo, a cohesive suite of unit logos, stationery materials, and a specific turquoise (PMS 313) as the University’s signature color. Other key features are a vibrant color palette and distinctive black-and-white face photos of CEU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Almost all CEU units will participate in the new system from the beginning. A few others will decide later whether or when to join. Administrative units will use University—versus unit-specific—branding.

In the coming days, the Communications Office will issue an electronic form to all participating units for ordering business cards, stationery, and a few related items. These materials should deliver by the end of June, but the date will be determined to some degree by the size and complexity of this initial order.

In the coming weeks, the Communications Office will also post CEU and unit-specific logo and stationery files/templates on the O drive, where employees will be able to access them.

Over the summer, additional branded pieces will be designed, including note cards and envelopes, note pads, mailing labels, logo stickers, a general-purpose CEU pocket folder, PowerPoint template(s), and branded merchandise. Other items will be incorporated over time.

See the new designs here: http://www.ceu.hu/visualidentity