Judit Sipos, CEU Business School ’91

For decades, children around the world have tapped their imaginations to create castles and cities from Lego toy bricks that can be attached to each other in endless combinations. Lego’s mission, says CEU Business School alumna Judit Sipos, is to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.” That mission, she says, is the reason why her decision to join the toy company was an easy one. The new country manager for LEGO Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia, Sipos brings 20 years of managerial experience at companies including Johnson & Johnson and Telenor.

Since joining Lego in earlier this year, the company has taken steps to boost efficiency by fully automating supply replenishment with large supermarkets. Her own greatest challenge, she says, is to keep her team motivated in light of the global economic crisis.

Sipos says that one of the most important things she learned at CEU Business School is what she calls the “so-what effect,” meaning that everything superfluous should be eliminated and managers should focus on strategy, determination, and efficient thinking. “I owe my career,” she says, “to my CEU Business School MBA.”