Raham Madani, Stewart Harvey MBA '12

June 18, 2013

Raham Madani and Stewart Harvey, graduates of CEU Business School’s MBA and Executive MBA programs respectively, have teamed up to found Greenergizer, a energy consultancy that helps other companies identify ways in which they can become more energy-efficient. Based at CEU Business School’s InnovationsLab, Greenergizer installs sensors in key locations that send energy use data to a central computer that aggregates them for analysis. Problems are identified and remedied, and the sensors can measure the improvement.

Madani earned his MBA from CEU Business School in 2012, while Harvey graduated in 2010 with an MSc in IT Management and then completed the Executive MBA program in 2012.

“The Executive MBA was the consolidating factor in a series of events that made it possible for me to start this company,” Harvey said. “I’ve had my own company since 1998, but there were gaps in my knowledge that I now feel confident are adequately plugged and so the time was right.”

For more information, see https://www.ceu.hu/node/36155.