New Logo and Letterhead Files Available

July 16, 2013

Electronic logo files and stationery templates are now accessible to CEU faculty and staff at O:\COMMON\CEU VISUAL IDENTITY. All faculty and staff members may access the files in the University-level folder. And all members of units participating in the University’s new visual identity system may access the files in their unit-specific folders. (The few non-participating units include CEU Business School, the School of Public Policy, their respective centers/institutes, and the Open Society Archives.)

The University folder includes 1) the CEU logo in JPG and PDF file formats, each with color and black-and-white options and 2) CEU stationery templates with color and black-and-white options for electronic or print use, respectively. The University folder is accessible to all CEU faculty and staff.

Unit folders include the same types of files as the University folder plus horizontally formatted versions the unit logo in question. These folders are accessible by all unit members identified to date. To enable access for other personnel, unit heads may send requests to the IT helpdesk at

Stationery templates are designed to use Open Sans fonts, which will install automatically on each CEU PC the next time someone logs on. Also, the suite of Open Sans fonts can be accessed directly via the ZENworks window by clicking on "Install OpenSansFonts." For installation information, see O:\COMMON\CEU VISUAL IDENTITY\ALL UNIVERSITY-LEVEL FILES\opensans_font!Readme.

• Administrative units will use the primary CEU logo and University-level stationery materials (with job title/unit affiliation appearing in the signature block).
• Participating non-administrative units will use their respective unit-specific logos and stationery materials (and the CEU logo when preferred).

Community members with questions about how their units fit into the new system may send their queries to Sybil Wyatt, director of communications at

Printed materials

The Communications Office is preparing to provide initial supplies of University-level and unit-specific stationery, business-size envelopes, compliments cards, and business cards for unit heads (see attached) for delivery in early August. Subsequently, units will be able to order these and other items via an online form and will responsible for payment.

The paper chosen for CEU’s stationery suite is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, confirming compliance with "environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management."

For more information, contact:
Sybil Wyatt ( about the identity program, including policies, plans, and exceptional cases; or
Szilard Bedecs ( about the electronic logo and letterhead files posted on the O: drive.