Human RightS Initiative, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union Host Event Series

December 3, 2013

The Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) hosted the first session of the HCLU Human Rights Documentaries and Discussion Series on Nov. 20. The cooperation between HRSI and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) was established to move beyond awareness- raising campaigns toward introducing issues and connecting students with experts active in human rights issues through advocacy or litigation. The first session focused on Roma in Hungary, beginning with two HCLU films about the Hungarian village of Gyongyospata, where uniformed extremists intimidated the Roma population in 2011, and segregation of Roma children was apparent in the local elementary school. Two attorneys involved in legal action in both cases spoke following the films.

The series’ second session, on Nov. 25, featured Peter Sarosi, a CEU alumnus and head of the Drug Policy Program at HCLU. Sarosi spoke on harm reduction through needle and syringe exchange programs. And a short film, “The City of Lost Children,” about the brutal reality of drug users in Bucharest, was screened. For more information about this and upcoming events, see