Cognitive Development Center Hosts Conference Attracting 230 Participants

January 28, 2014

The Cognitive Development Center hosted the 4th Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development (BCCCD) Jan. 9-10, with 230 participants from all over the world. The event is the only annual conference on cognitive development in Europe. Speakers included Daphne Bavelier (University of Geneva, University of Rochester, NY), who gave a talk on how action video games provide a unique opportunity to identify factors that underlie generalization of learning and principles of brain plasticity. Elisabetta Visalberghi (National Research Council, Italy) presented her research on the use of tools by wild capuchin monkeys. The symposium entitled 'The Nature and Consequences of Children's Concepts of Social Groups' discussed the interactions among basic motivational, cognitive, moral and cultural processes underlying social categories. The lively debates at the conference also provided an occasion for Hungarian and foreign participants to discuss issues of common concern in the realm of cognitive science. For conference photos, visit