Senate Reports Decisions Made at November Meeting

In its final meeting of 2013, the Senate approved modifications to the External Funding Policy and Application Form in line with the new Policy on research-related teaching waivers and research rewards and in connection with the engagement of CEU academic and administrative staff in projects to be funded under Horizon 2020 Programme (2014-2020). New Guidelines on entry into force and communication of Senate Decisions were also approved.

All policies can be accessed online at using a Novell ID and password.

The Senate approved the recommendation to the Ministry of Human Resources as well as a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to re-appoint John Shattuck as the Rector of CEU.

It also approved advancing the nomination of Maria Kovacs for the position of “egyetemi tanar”.

It also elected new members of Senate Committees. For the current composition of the Senate Committees, see

The Senate approved the closure of the School of Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies after the School council unanimously agreed to put forward a proposal to dissolve the School. The Departments of Medieval Studies and History underwent an extraordinary review last year with the aim of getting a clear picture of the profile of the two departments and their relationship to each other and the School. One of the conclusions of the review was that the School has probably outlived its direct utility.

The Senate approved the new governance structure of the Nationalism Program developed after a joint discussion of the ad hoc committee (chaired by the Provost and including Professor Nadia Al-Bagdadi and Professor Bela Greskovits) and the faculty of the Nationalism Studies Program.
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