Sustainable CEU Produces Workshops for Visegrad Fund Project

Sustainable CEU is participating in the Creative Recycling Eco-Educational Program, or “CREEP,” a project that brings together four environmental organizations in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. With support from the Visegrad Fund, each country's representative is producing nine educational workshops to engage elementary and middle school students in environmental issues.

As part of a discussion about local foods, Budapest students who participated in the CREEP workshop were able to taste, touch, and see examples of foods. Image credit: CEU

“The goal is to pass on what we learned while designing and giving the workshops and hope the educators that we share the lessons with can pass it on,” said CEU Sustainability Officer Logan Strenchock. “One of the most beneficial things is that we now have contacts with local schools and we can continue to pass on knowledge regarding environmental education. It strengthens our bond with youth and schools in the region,  which has been a goal of Sustainable CEU and this has given us the mechanism to do so."

The CEU group has already created and conducted seven workshops with local schools and has even been asked to return to several schools multiple times. At recent workshops, CEU Sustainability volunteers have taught young students about the benefits of eating seasonal foods by helping them make seasonal food calendars. Other classes made light switch shaped labels from recycled material to surround switches – a reminder to conserve energy and avoid being an “energy vampire.”

The middle school class of Hild Jozsef Middle School in Budapest sent home upcycled waste reduction reminders to their families. Image credit: CEU

The four groups will meet in person in April to exchange ideas and experiences from each workshop and, most importantly, to begin translating all of the workshops into their country's language. Ultimately, all 36 workshops/lessons will be printed in a book that will be available online or in print on recycled material to serve as a free reference for educators. Each country's group will hold teacher trainings in their home institutions to make the lessons come alive for educators.

Sustainabile CEU is seeking student, staff, and faculty volunteers to continue running the workshops. For further information, or to volunteer, contact:

CREEP is also supported by CEU's Campus Services Office. For further information on Sustainable CEU, visit their Facebook page: