Policy on Harassment Approved by Senate

April 22, 2014

The CEU Senate approved the Policy on Harassment, which has now entered into force.
Previously, issues on harassment and sexual harassment were covered by an Annex to the Code of Ethics. Last year, the Code of Ethics, as well as the section on harassment, underwent a thorough revision. Members of the CEU community also urged a regulation of these issues. As a result, a separate policy was prepared which, after several rounds of consultations, was approved by the Senate.
The CEU Code of Ethics has also been amended in order to be in line with the new Policy on Harassment. This amendment was also approved by the Senate.
The policy is attached and can be accessed online through CEU Document Registry at http://documents.ceu.hu/
For more information, contact Academic Secretary Tatiana Yarkova at yarkovat@ceu.hu