CEU Celebrates Earth Day in New Edible Garden

CEU celebrated the 44th installment of Earth Day, the annual global day of environmental activism, by holding an informal celebration in the University's new edible garden on April 23. In order to gather support for and build knowledge and capacity for managing the future rooftop garden that will be incorporated into CEU's redeveloped campus, volunteers created a portable, edible garden in CEU's existing Japanese Garden. The popular campus lunchtime destination is nestled between the Faculty Tower and the neighboring Open Society Foundations building and is now filled with portable planting boxes containing dozens of edible plants and herbs from lettuce to coriander. 

A team of volunteers recently completed planting the spring rotation of herbs, salad varieties, and, in addition, they sowed several beds of seeds into planting beds which were supplemented with a few hundred kilos of rich compost and soil. The garden team has also incorporated a system of hanging supports which will aid climbing vegetable varieties such as peas and beans in the spring season, and tomato varieties in the summer months. CEU community members are encouraged to visit the garden and carefully sample some of the herbs and vegetable crops.

The edible garden is a collaborative project led by Sustainable CEU and supported by student volunteers, the Campus Services Office, the CEU Student Union, and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. For photos of the new garden and the Earth Day event, visit https://www.facebook.com/sustainable.ceu.