Kovacs Cited on the Anti-Semitism of MIEP and Jobbik

http://www.168ora.hu/velemeny/jobbik-bazis-vona-gabor-pc-kiszelly-zoltan-ep-valasztas-126160.html - Hungarian political weekly online 168ora.hu reports: in the turmoil of campaigns, Jobbik has been sneaking up to victory lane. The Parliament’s committee for culture and education is headed by a Jobbik MP. Today it is hardly possible to detect a connection between the anti-Semitism of the voters of one-time MIÉP and Jobbik – says Professor Andras Kovacs in the Nationalism Studies Department. First of all, ten years have gone by, and MIÉP voters were older. Jobbik supporters are young, and their base is not the well-known “green island” of Buda. That notorious group of voters from Buda represented by MIEP mostly consisted of accomplished people with an existence. They are not really going to vote for Jobbik. They are more likely to choose Fidesz, especially because Jobbik is an anti-establishment party, while the Buda community is not. This is where anti-Semitism comes into the picture, which is, in this sense, a “code for anti-establishment”. Whereas all the parties proclaim high and low that they are not anti-Semitists, if someone uses anti-Semitist language, it is already an opportunity to take a stand on the other side. Thus, the language used by Jobbik for a long time is a manifestation of anti-establishment. It sends the message: “We stand on the opposite side.” Sociological surveys reveal that fifty percent of Jobbik voters are anti-Semitists. The other half just does not care.