Campus Redevelopment, Services and Building Maintenance Reorganization

Along with the consolidation of the positions of owner's representative and director of campus redevelopment, changes are being implemented in campus services and building maintenance as well, with a view to increased efficiency. The position of Director of Campus Services and Building Maintenance Unit will be discontinued, along with two other positions in this area that are currently vacant. The task of planning and arranging temporary relocation during the campus reconstruction will be transferred from Campus Services to the Campus Redevelopment Office. There will also be some internal redistribution of tasks and changes of reporting relationships within Campus Services and Building Maintenance Unit. The heads of sub-units in Campus Services and Building Maintenance Unit will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer, including Levente Kato - building maintenance; Gyorgy Finta – fixtures, fittings, and equipment; Istvan Kerek – event support; and Agnes Forgo – Wallenberg Guesthouse.