Recycling at CEU: 2014 Progress Update

In the past few months, Sustainable CEU has taken steps to refine the selective waste management system on campus. Reducing waste production, and disposing of waste properly helps to significantly reduce the environmental footprint associated with day to day activities at CEU. In the first four months of 2014, at the Nador Campus, Sustainable CEU successfully separately collected over 15,000 L (347 kg) of PET plastic, over 47,000 L (2,150 kg) of cardboard, over 6,000 L (3,600 kg) of mixed glass, and over 4,400 L (775 kg) of mixed office paper. This means that thanks to the participation of the CEU community, Sustainable CEU avoided sending over 66 large (1,100 L) bins of waste to the landfill. Sustainable CEU reminds every member of the community that not producing waste is always the most environmentally conscious solution, but when you do use plastic, paper or glass, do participate in the campus recycling system. For more information on selective waste collection at CEU, see the attached infographic, or contact or visit