CEU Student Spirit Week Promotes Philanthropy

More than 100 CEU community members came together from May 19 to 23 to bolster student philanthropy on campus and to aid the next generation of CEU students. During Student Spirit Week, sponsored by CEU Student Union and the Alumni Relations & Career Services, students, staff, faculty and alumni raised hundreds of dollars to purchase equipment for student research and recreation. Participants voted on which projects to support and donated cash to their favorites. On the final day, home-baked treats and lemonade, prepared by students and staff, were offered. Monies raised during Student Spirit Week will be used to purchase miniature tape recorders, to allow students to tape lectures and interviews, as well as board games for student downtime. For more information, see https://alumnicareer.ceu.hu/news/2014-05-30/ceu-student-spirit-week-promotes-philanthropy.