Senate Approves Policy Modifications

The Senate has approved the following modifications to some of the University policies:

Academic Staff Handbook:

- The deadline for submission of the Individual Academic Activity Reports has been moved to August 15.  

- Section V.B. "Workload" has been modified with an aim to reduce the workload for junior faculty to allow them more time to prepare for the review for the permanent contract by the end of the 4th year of employment. Junior faculty would be able to apply for a credit waiver and there would be a possibility of early sabbatical.

- Appendix 2 "Individual academic activity reports" and Appendix 4 "Procedures used in the evaluation of lecturers, senior lecturers, practitioners in residence, professors of practice, and writing instructors" have been modified to clarify the evaluation procedures for the recently introduced academic ranks.

- Other modifications relate to clarification of the ‘egyetemi tanár’ appointment procedure and the procedure of the appointment of University Professors.

The CEU Conferences and Academic Events Fund Policy has been appended with the new "Guidelines to prepare budgets for applications for the Conferences and Academic Events Fund".  

The Transfer of Credit Policy has been modified to be compliant with the accreditation-relevant US federal regulations. The most substantial modification is the change of minimum grade allowed for the transfer of credit from C+ to B.

The Policy on Degree Programs has been appended with the new annex on Assignment of Credit Hours. To date, assignment of credit hours has been specified in the 'CEU Credit to ECTS Conversion Policy'. To be compliant with the US federal regulations, a more comprehensive policy has been prepared.

All policies can be accessed online through CEU Document Repository at using Novell ID and password. For more information, contact Academic Secretary Tatiana Yarkova at 327-3865 or