Cowan on the Leak of Pentagon Papers - The Hungarian news portal carries an interview with Geoffrey Cowan, President of the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, California, US, conducted after his lecture at CEU on May 21 entitled “Hosting the Great Powers: the US-China Summit and its Aftermath. ”The story of the publication of the Pentagon Papers is still a timely topic, and it can offer some lessons to us in relation to the current leak and phone tapping scandals. Although the two cases are far from being identical, according to law professor Cowan, thebasic questions remain the same: How can national security interests be balanced versus the principle of the freedom of the press? What is the role of courts? When does the state have the right to keep something secret?

The article was also published in Nepszabadsag on June 5 (p.13, "A maganszfera megvaltozott")