CEU Featured in International and Hungarian Media

CEU faculty, researchers, leadership and students are often featured in the media, commenting on current affairs and presenting significant research results. These articles can be found in the CEU in the International Media and CEU in the Hungarian Media sections of the CEU website. Some highlights from the past few months:

  • National Public Radio visited CEU in May to interview Associate Professor Szabolcs Pogonyi about the rise of the far right in Hungary. Al-Jazeera and Reuters also interviewed faculty on the rise of anti-Semitism and the European Parliamentary elections, respectively
  • Al-Jazeera online interviewed Center for Media and Communication Studies Researcher Eva Bognar about media freedom in Hungary
  • Center for Media and Communication Studies Director Phil Howard was featured in Bloomberg News regarding circumventing media restrictions in Sudan
  • Economics Professor Laszlo Matyas was quoted along with CEU Founder and Honorary Chairman George Soros in a BBC Online piece about the Hungarian economy
  • Faculty members placed op-ed pieces in both Al-Jazeera and The Guardian regarding press freedom and energy policy, respectively
  • Following the Hungarian elections April 6, faculty members were quoted by the Associated Press and in several German media outlets
  • President and Rector John Shattuck was interviewed by Catholic News Service about the anniversary of the Rwandan genocide
  • Senior Vice President Liviu Matei was interviewed by Katolikus Radio and featured on edupress.hu about autonomy in education in Myanmar
  • A series of articles featuring students in the Roma Access Programs appeared in Nepszabadsag newspaper
  • Andrea Peto, associate professor in the Department of Gender Studies, gave an interview to the liberal weekly Magyar Narancs on opportunities for female politicians in Hungary, and on the roles and life of women in Communism to the conservative news television Hir TV.
  • CEU Business School’s programs were featured in the Hungarian Forbes and hvg.hu.
  • Visiting Professor Tej Pratap Singh of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, , gave interviews to leading daily Nepszabadsag, news television Hir TV and the Hungarian Public Radio on the elections in India.
  • The CEU Roundtable on Common Energy Policy, organized by the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, the CEU Business School, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Department of Public Policy, was also echoed in both print and online major Hungarian media outlets.
  • Geoffrey Cowan, President of the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, California, was interviewed by Nepszabadsag on the relevance today of the Pentagon Papers.
  • US Holocaust Scholar Paul Shapiro, head of the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, was quoted in Nepszabadsag after he spoke at a conference on the future of Holocaust memorialization hosted by CEU and other institutions.