Center for Arts and Culture Closes an Eventful Year

The Center for Arts and Culture (CAC) at CEU is closing Academic Year 2013-2014 with a concert of renowned percussion group Amadinda. Their 30th anniversary show was Amadinda’s third concert at the university.This year, CAC in total organized and/or hosted 41 events, including programs such as Budapest100 (CEU participated with its Nador 11 building celebrating its 100th anniversary).

In 2014 CAC focused on introducing to the CEU community Budapest-based foreign artists (Antonia Vai, Elsa Valle, Bruno Bourel, Laura Lackey). For the third year in a row, recurring features included the concerts of the Classicus Ensemble’s talented young classical musicians, who gave seven excellent concerts throughout the year. In addition, CAC organized 16 classical, jazz, swing, ethno/folk concerts.

As for peculiarities, CAC hosted the first orchestra concert in CEU’s music life – the Lund New Chamber Orchestra, and also organized special guided tours, such as a trip to Visegrad led by professor Jozsef Laszlovszky in the Department of Medieval Studies; cultural heritage walks during the Cultural Heritage Days; and a walk in the CEU neighborhood as part of the Budapest100 events.

CAC is committed to present artworks by CEU students, faculty, staff and alumni. It hosted two highly successful Hungarian film premieres of CEU alumni: Eszter Spat’s documentary on Kurdish Yezidis titled “Following the Peacock” and Eszter Hajdu’s documentary on the trial of the Roma homicides “Judgment in Hungary.”