Matei Speaks to Hungarian Catholic Radio on Myanmar Partnership

Liviu Matei, senior vice president and higher education policy professor at CEU spoke to Hungarian Catholic Radio in an interview about the partnership regarding university autonomy in Myanmar. As Myanmar opens up after several decades of dictatorship, its higher education system is undergoing a major process of reform. CEU is contributing to the process of democratization and reform by providing expertise in higher education policy and management, institutional and curriculum reform, since spring 2013. Matei also spoke about the university autonomy handbook prepared specifically for Myanmar by himself and Julia Iwinska, strategic planning director and higher education policy researcher at CEU, following consultations with government, opposition, and local stakeholders. Please see the attachment for the translation of the interview.
CEU, with support and funding from the Open Society Higher Education Support Program, hosted seven fellows from Myanmar, teachers from three major universities - University of Yangon, Mandalay University and Dagon University. The visit is part of OSF's broader partnership with CEU to assist Myanmar in higher education reform - introduce new subjects, substance and style of teaching in the social sciences and expose and link the Myanmar academics to international debates, networks and resources. 

The fellows are the first among the social science and humanities scholars in the formal higher education sector in Myanmar to benefit from a capacity-building program at a Western university since the 1980s. They were at CEU for a three-month academic visit, mastering the state of the art in their subjects, contemporary research methodologies and advancing their research agendas. As Myanmar universities begin to reform their programs of study, the fellows analyzed the models presented by CEU curricula and designed new courses for their home departments.