CEU Opens Its First Smart Classroom

Room 004 in CEU’s Nador 14 building is the first smart classroom at the University. The room features a 70-inch interactive whiteboard on the front wall on which presentation files, web pages, and multimedia material can be displayed. The whiteboard automatically projects onto a larger screen above it for maximum visibility across the classroom, and can be synchronized with individual devices in use in the room, such as laptops and tablets. There are two other flat screens in the room, which can be synchronized or used separately for group work. Other new features of the smart classroom include a document camera, a lectern for audio amplification, and two wireless microphones. New tables, chairs, and floor boxes with electricity outlets have been installed to allow for changing the layout of the classroom.

The smart classroom will be available for booking from the beginning of academic year 2014-15. Training sessions will be available for faculty members interested in using the smart classroom in person or via web resources.

As part of its commitment to maximizing the teaching, learning, and remote-access benefits of new technologies, CEU plans to complete installation of a new advanced videoconference system in a dedicated classroom during the summer.