CEU Alumna Rita Csiszar on How to Raise Children in a Multilingual Environment

CEU alumna Rita Csiszar (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, 1998/99) is a teacher, linguist, and sociologist. After her “exciting, inspiring and enriching” year at CEU, she did her PhD in Applied Linguistics.”I have spent part of my working life in academia; taking up teaching assignments and working on various research projects in different countries. The most recent one was ELDIA, European Language Diversity for All, at the University of Vienna. My job experience also includes working for NGOs, such as the International Organization for Migration in Budapest. Throughout my career, I have always focused on the social and linguistic aspects of international migration.”

Building on her personal experience of living and working in a number of foreign countries, she recently published a handbook on raising bilingual and multilingual children. This guide, written in Hungarian, is meant to be an invaluable resource for parents and teachers – providing them with solid scientific arguments about issues they are concerned about as well as enjoyable personal accounts of people living with more than one languages on a daily basis. “I wanted to dispel the many misconceptions and myths about child bi- and multilingualism and to appreciate the richness of linguistic diversity.” Areas covered in the guide include language acquisition, family, culture, identity, schooling, and other issues. “I combined my many years of research experience in the field with my personal insights into the topic being an expat and a mother of bilingual kids.”
For more information, see http://www.csiszarrita.eu/ (in Hungarian)