New Policies and Policy Modifications Approved by Senate

September 9, 2014

The CEU Senate approved new policies and policy modifications, which have now entered into force.

The CEU Policy on Plagiarism incorporates and replaces the existing Guidelines on Handling Cases of Plagiarism. The policy addresses the cases of student plagiarism. Other cases of academic dishonesty are regulated by the Code of Ethics. Annex 1 to the Policy is Implementation Guidelines, which are intended to guide faculty in making decisions about possible cases of plagiarism.

The Policy and Procedure on Missing Students has been established in accordance with CEU’s goal to ensure the safety and security of the University community. The policy outlines the procedure the University will follow in collecting confidential contact information and steps to be taken in the event that a student is reported missing.

The Admissions Policy has been amended. Alongside the minor technical modifications the more substantive modifications are:

- The original section 2.5 ‘Additional department and school requirements’ has been moved to an Annex;

- Clause 1.2.1 has been introduced to clarify the procedure on approval of modifications: modifications to the Policy are approved by the Senate, modifications to the ‘Annex on additional department and school requirements’ are approved by the Provost;

- A clause has been added under section 2 stating that in exceptional cases, the Provost may grant exemptions from some of the admission requirements;

- The Department of Legal Studies has revised its department-specific admissions criteria.

Modifications to the Academic Staff Handbook:

The ratio of Professors to University Professors has been changed to 7:1, with University Professors included in the total count of Professors (section II.F. of the Handbook).

All policies can be accessed online through CEU Document Repository at Please remember to log in with your Novell ID and password to be able to view the documents.

For more information, contact Tatiana Yarkova, Academic Secretary at