Senate Approves Launch of CEU Distinguished Faculty Awards and CEU Teaching Development Grants

The CEU Senate approved two new initiatives at its last meeting on May 30. The calls for nominations/applications will be announced at the end of September by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Contact Sally Schwager, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, for more information at

CEU Distinguished Teaching Award

Every year CEU will recognize one or several faculty members nominated by their former students, current students, or colleagues as Distinguished CEU Teachers. These faculty members will be acknowledged for promoting high standards for teaching, linked with the mission and institutional ambitions of CEU. Recipients of the award will demonstrate outstanding dedication to teaching, as a way to support preparing students for their future professional careers and civic activities; they will show a remarkable capacity to promote effective learning and inspire critical and responsible engagement of the students with ideas and with the world.

Eligibility and Criteria

Full-time and part-time faculty members who have completed teaching at least six semesters at CEU (irrespective of the exact load) and are under a valid contract with the university during the respective academic year are eligible for the award.

Excellence in teaching is the key criterion for the Teaching Award. In addition, evidence for commitment to the CEU mission, broadly defined, will be required.

The following list indicates possible characteristics, contributions, initiatives, or results to be taken into account for nominations for the award. The list is indicative, not exhaustive.

-       A personal history of offering courses at CEU that are intellectually and professionally rigorous and challenging, with a significant impact on the post-CEU work and lives of the students.

-       Outstanding ability to stimulate intellectual excitement and to motivate students to learn; A track-record of successfully providing support, encouragement, and inspiration for students; Thoughtful mentoring and guidance of students; Accessibility in and beyond the classroom.

-       Promotion of a wide range of ideas and of the open expression of diverse opinions. Promotion of effective and responsible critical thinking.

-       Responsiveness to the needs of the students; Openness and receptiveness to different learning styles and approaches.

-       Cultivating an atmosphere of integrity, civility, and respect in the classroom.

-       Effective teaching across divisional boundaries; Support of multidisciplinary approaches. Effective use of research elements for successful teaching.

-       Successfully re-designing courses or developing new courses using innovative approaches to teaching, possibly informed by research on student learning and best practices in teaching in particular academic fields.  Innovations that include approaches to teaching such as those outlined in the CEU Strategic Plan are particularly welcome. Appropriate incorporation of technology in course design and meaningful use of technology to support student learning is especially encouraged.

Nomination, evaluation, and announcement of the winner

CEU alumni, students, and faculty members can nominate candidates for the award using an online form. The award committee may seek and additional information about the nominees.

Nominations should be made by December 1 every year and the winner will be announced at the commencement ceremony in the following June. It is possible to have more than one winner in every given year. Recipients of the award will receive 2,000 euros.

CEU Teaching Development Grants

A new program of Teaching Development Grants will support individual faculty members (up to 2,000 euros per academic year) in the development of teaching projects focused on inquiry and experimentation, particularly in areas outlined in the CEU Strategic Plan, such as greater development of connections between research and teaching; using new technologies to support learning; incorporation of problem-based learning; teaching with case studies; the development of new interdisciplinary approaches to teaching; and other research-based teaching strategies.

Teaching Development Grant funds may be used to hire a doctoral student to serve as a Teaching Development Grant project assistant, to attend teaching-related workshops and conferences, or to purchase software or other teaching-related equipment or materials required for implementation of the teaching development project.  The fund may not be used for faculty salary support. Grants will be available annually on a competitive basis.  All full-time and part-time teaching faculty members who are under a valid contract with the university over the period of the project are eligible to apply.

Project Support from the CEU Center for Teaching and Learning

Grant recipients may choose to work with CEU’s Center for Teaching and Learning through all phases of their teaching innovation projects. In such cases, CTL faculty will collaborate with individual faculty members to explore teaching ideas and challenges that interest applicants; consult with interested faculty members and doctoral student project assistants as they develop their ideas into pilots and small-scale teaching innovations; and share feedback and research insights during the implementation of the projects and follow-up activities, including possible video documentation and analysis.

Review Process and Criteria

The call for applications for CEU Teaching Development Grants will be announced at the beginning of each academic year and will be awarded in two cycles.

Winter/Spring-term project cycle: Applications for projects to begin in the winter or spring term will be due November 15.  Grant awards for this cycle will be announced in December.

Summer/Fall-term project cycle: Applications for projects to begin in the summer or fall term will be due March 31.  Grant awards for this cycle will be announced in April.

Applications will be reviewed by the Provost, the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and 2-3 additional rotating faculty members.

Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

·      Clear articulation of the motivation for undertaking the project, project goals, and plan for future on-going development;

·      Feasibility;

·      Potential to improve student learning;

·      Compatibility with the CEU Strategic Plan;

·      Meaningful use of technology to support student learning (in the case of innovation projects focusing on technology integration).

Projects should be completed within one year, and a short final report will be required within three months of project completion.

Public Recognition of Innovative Teaching at CEU

These two initiatives should serve to raise the visibility of teaching across the University.  The recipient of the annual Distinguished Teaching Award will be honored at a major CEU event for the entire CEU community.

The Center for Teaching and Learning will feature recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award and recipients of CEU Teaching Development Grants in a planned “Spotlight on Teaching” online news feature and through a series of faculty roundtables on teaching at CEU.