Bohle, Greskovits, and Torsello Win Inaugural CEU Award for Outstanding Research

At the Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2014-15, CEU Provost and Pro-Rector Liviu Matei announced and President and Rector John Shattuck presented the inaugural CEU Award For Outstanding Research to three faculty members: Dorothee Bohle, professor in the Department of Political Science, Bela Greskovits, professor in the Department of International Relations and European Studies, and Davide Torsello, associate professor at CEU Business School. Bohle and Greskovits were honored for the research that led to their award-winning book, "Capitalist Diversity on Europe’s Periphery." Torsello, who works on innovative curriculum development projects via the Center for Integrity in Business and Government, was recognized for his important work bringing an anthropological perspective to a sophisticated understanding of business decision making and organizations. For more information, see