CENS Opens Call for Applications for Negotiation Simulation Game

For those who are interested in history and the historical events of the 20th century and want to improve their debating skills, CEU's Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS) has opened a call for applications to participate in the simulation game “Renegotiating Peace.” The call is open to students, recent graduates, and young professionals from all disciplines who wish to better understand the relevance of World War I for today’s politics. The simulation was prepared by the German organization Planpolitik and co-organized with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The simulation game takes place October 18 -19 at CEU (application deadline is Oct. 3). Participants will take on the roles of members of the historical delegations to the Peace Conference from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Hungary and the U.S. The groups will negotiate the most important questions of the treaties of Versailles, Trianon, and Saint-Germain. Materials and summaries about the history of the negotiations will be provided in advance by the organizers.

For further information, including eligibility criteria and application instructions, visit: https://cens.ceu.hu/news/2014-09-17/call-for-participation-world-war-i-negotiation-simulation.