CEU's PhD Program in Network Science Registered by New York State Education Department

CEU is launching a new doctoral program in Network Science following its successful registration by the New York State Education Department.

CEU’s PhD program in Network Science at CEU will be among the first of such programs in the world. The program will train researchers with the highest standards of academic excellence in network science – with theoretical, mathematical and computational skills as well as hands-on experience with large datasets and participation in international research projects. The program will address substantive questions that are at the heart of scholarship at CEU. For example, questions about the dynamics of emergence of social movements, the operation of political corruption networks, the resilience of energy distribution systems, the interlinked nature of global finance are all central to both CEU’s research interests, and to the research directions envisioned in this PhD program.  The program will be run by the Center for Network Science and will rely on and strengthen research directions at Mathematics, Economics, Political Science, and Environmental Science.